Tons of Prizes to Be Won From Pennzoil.

Enter the Pennzoil sweepstakes for a chance at winning some prizes! You could win gift cards, hats, flash light key-chains, and 50,000 Airmiles! Wow right!?

Enter a pin code for your chance to win one of the thousands of prizes being given away. Don't have a pin? That's OK! You can request one too for your entry. You will get your code straight to your email.  

  • Pennzoil Hat 250 
  • Pennzoil Flashlight Key Chain 2,000 
  • Shell Gift Card 500 
  • Tim Hortons Gift Card 500
  • WORTH 50,000 AIR MILES®†
  • Reward Miles 1 $15,000.00 $15,000.00
We won with the pin provided to us! 

The contest ends on September 15 , 2018 so what are you waiting for? Take Your SPIN