What You Need to Know About Swoops Cheap Flights

Have you heard about Swoop? They are a new airline that opened up in July offering discounted flight prices that are truly amazing!

The day they opened they offered flights to BC for only $7.50! Wow right!? Now that was just an offered for their opening day, but the prices for all their flights are extremely cheap and worth checking out.

What You Need to Know About Swoops Cheap Flights

The most asked question I got after purchasing two round trip tickets from Ontario to Nova Scotia for under $600 was about the quality and service of the flight at such a cheap cost...

Here is how Swoop works. You pay for your flight at a very low cost and then you will add the extras which will increase the cost a bit. Extra's are your baggage, extra leg room, WIFI , food and drinks.
What You Need to Know About Swoops Cheap Flights

Your one personal bag such as a large purse or backpack is totally free. You pay a small fee for a checked bag and a carry on. The seats on Swoop are very close together and I mean very. So you can pay a small fee for a seat with extra leg room. You also pay to use the WIFI on the plane and any snacks and drinks you may want.

The staff are amazing efficient and there to make your trip easy and smooth. The seats being close together really doesn't affect your comfort at all, so if you don't need your legs straight out in front of you skip buying the extra leg room. Boarding went super fast, their staff are highly trained and I had zero issues from check-in to boarding to landing.

So in short the cheap price to fly does not affect the level of service you will be receiving. Swoop is  definitely worth checking out if you are looking to travel but money is tight.

Tips for Travelling with Swoop

Be flexible with your travel dates - You can play around with dates and pick the cheapest days to leave and return to make sure you get the lowest price possible on your flight.

Pack light and try to only use a carry on and a free personal purse or backpack. You get to skip the wait after your flight to get your checked bags and you cut time of your travelling.

Buy your snacks and drinks within the airport after check in. Buying drinks and food on your flight can get pricey. You are allowed to bring any food or drinks you purchase from the airport stores after you have gone through the entire check in process.

You can travel with your medical Marijuana. You will need to have your paper work from your Dr that states the dosage. It must be in only legal containers and has to be in your personal bag you are carrying on the plane.If you are bringing your Marijuana make sure to show up to check in before the 90 minute window. It will take a few minutes for them to check your paperwork.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I recently traveled with Swoop and all thoughts are my own. We received no compensation for this post.