12 Reward Programs Every Canadian Should Be a Member of.

12 Reward Programs Canadians Should Be apart of.

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Being rewarded for purchases or even online activities is exactly how Canadians are saving more money at the till. putting a little back in their pockets and even getting tons of free products and groceries.

Being an extreme couponer for over 15 years, reward programs are just as important to our saving as using coupons to saving thousands of dollars each year.

The following reward programs are all tried tested and proven very worthy of your attention. Some save you money, some pay you money and some offer totally free products.

Top Shopping Rewards Programs

  1. Ebates - Reward - Cash back on purchases. 
  2. Swagbucks - Reward - Cash back on purchases, rewards for using coupons, earn cash and win prizes.This is a great one for freebies. Free stuff from Amazon thanks to Swagbucks
  3. PC Optimum - Reward - Earn points on purchases and gas and get free groceries.
  4. Shopper Army - Get cash rebates on certain products and cash back on purchases from Amazon.ca
  5. Triangle Rewards- Canadian Tire's new reward program.
  6. Checkout51 - Reward -Earn cash back on grocery store purchases and get the money in cheque form.
  7. Pharmasave Rewards- Earn points and redeem for products.
  8. Petro Canada -Reward- Earn points and get dollars off gas and in store purchases.
  9. Air Miles - Earn points and get money off purchases and other rewards.
  10. Scene - Earn Scene points and get free movies snacks and more.
  11. Plum Rewards - BONUS 250 points when you join. Earn points on purchases at Indigo Books to get money off. Click Plum Rewards at top left of page.
  12. Starbucks Rewards- Earn stars that can be turned into freebies, deals and more.

Legitimate and worth it Survey websites that offer great rewards.

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