5 Stupid Easy Ways to Get Some Extra Cash for Holiday Spending

Are you ready for it? For the extra spending you will have to do during the fall and winter months? With Christmas, and school activities and fundraisers, to kids birthday parties and more the spending seems to never end!

Raising 3 boys taught me a few things and how to make extra money was one of them! There thousands of ways to make a little extra cash from home but many are a complete waste of your time and energy! I am sharing 5 of the top and best performing ways to make a little side cash with you.

The key to making extra money at home from the couch is to not spend a penny doing it!

5 Stupid Easy Ways to Get Some Extra Cash  for Holiday Spending

Let me start by saying I am slightly lazy!! That means none of these 5 stupid easy ways to make a little extra cash take very little effort, all you need is to be consistent and do each of the 5 daily!

#1 Legerweb - Canada's highest rated opinion panel.

FREE Legerweb Payment Proof

I have been using Legerweb for over 5 years now and it's one of my top favorite choices for making some very easy cash. Survey's are always $1 or more and come often. The more you answer the more that come.

Super easy to get to $20 and cash out! Best part is your money comes in an actual cheque!! Love that!! These surveys are multiple choice questionnaires which make is great for getting them done while relaxing on the couch, having a bubble bath or waiting at the Dr's office.  

We have even been offered a  survey worth $10! This is one of the easiest ways to make some side cash to put aside for the holiday's and incidental spending! 

$10 survey

#2 InstaGC - Instantly Redeem for FREE Gift Cards

With most ways to make extra money there is a wait period usually a week to get your gift cards or cash once you redeem and cash out. With InstaGC that is not the way it works.

If you have earned yourself $1 you can redeem and get an Amazon.ca gift card code instantly. This is a great way to make a few dollars each month online and get the rewards immediately. After 3 years of being a member it is one of my favorite places to get PayPal cash and Amazon.ca cards.

You earn points for doing online activities such as liking a Facebook page,watching videos, answering a quick survey and hundreds of other ways.

The places you can redeem instantly for  gift cards you have earned are top favorite brands and stores. Below is a screenshot to show you just a few of the rewards you can redeem for instantly

FREE Earn Rewards

#3 MobileXpression - This Has to Be the EASIEST Ways of All

I was so full of doubt when I was first told about MobileXpression and then I downloaded it to my phone and saw the hype in one week flat. The first great thing is that once you download the app within 7 days you will automatically get a $5 Amazon gift card! Seriously for doing nothing but downloading it to your phone.

The MobileXpression app runs in the background of your phone and you earn points each week for allowing it. When you hit 10 points you get to redeem for a $10 Amazon gift card. You will get 1 notification a week and all you have to do it open the app and accept your points.

Not everyone's cell phone will be accepted but to those who do get accepted its literally free gift cards coming in monthly for zero effort.

For iPhone Users - MobileXpression
Android Users - MobileXpression 

FREE- Mobile Rewards

#4 Pinecone Research 

Pinecone Research only accepts people ages 18- 34. Sometimes they change the criteria for a certain amount of time and open it up to different age groups, when they do I will be sure to let you know and do a post up.

Completing survey's earns you points which you convert into cash! When you first sign up the demographic questionnaire is extremely important. It will only take about 4 minutes of your time but it will help your account to be verified and you can start making some cash.

You won't get rich but you can easily put and extra $500 in your pocket over a year for minimal effort but consistent effort. I personally save all cash and gift cards earned online to help make Christmas in our home virtually free and never touch the monthly budget for it.


#5 Swagbucks - Saved the ultimate for last

This is one program I can't say enough good things about. It has helped me make ends meet some years, paid for entire Christmas's and now helps me get all our Amazon orders totally and completely FREE. Swagbucks was founded in 2008 and has over 10 million members. We can't all be wrong can we?

It is a Better Business Bureau Accredited business and has paid out millions to its members. If you put in a daily effort you will be amazed at how easy it is to earn fast with Swagbucks.

Just some of the ways you can ear free extra cash:

  1. Doing random searches in the Swagbucks search bar
  2. Playing games while relaxing in a bubble bath
  3. Watch videos that aren't super boring
  4. Completing daily surveys - HIGH earner
  5. Get cash back when you shop online 
  6. Earn cash for using grocery coupons
  7. FREE Swagcodes that Swagbuck's releases on their social media accounts. Time sensitive codes.

You can redeem for cash with PayPal, Amazon.ca gift cards and hundreds more great rewards. I share with you exactly how I get all my bathroom products free on Amazon and it has truly been a huge help on the budget. Shipped right to the door using free gift cards from Swagbucks and on top of that Swagbucks pays me cash back on that purchase,