3 Ways to Make PayPal Cash in Canada


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Here on Everything Savings we are always sharing easy ways to make an extra Canadian dollar or two. Too often we see great ways to make some extra cash but the opportunity is only open to the US and that leaves us out. Or does it...?. In Canada there are a few legitimate and easy ways to make yourself some PayPal cash.

Earning PayPal cash while online is super easy to do, if you know the right websites to join and which to avoid. PayPal cash is a very popular way to get rewards online for doing certain things you are probably already doing.

How to Make PayPal Cash in Canada

We have picked only the best and easy ways to make some extra money without a ton of effort and zero risk to you. All from your computer or cell phone.

1. Do these while relaxing on the couch
Make PayPal Cash while relaxing on the couch

We are being realistic when we say you won't be able to quit your day job or get super rich doing surveys but there are a few that you can easily make $50- $100 each month no problem. Extra cash is extra cash right!?

Highest Paying Better Business Bureau Accredited Survey Sites 

Legerweb - Canada's largest and highest rated opinion panel offers surveys that pay anywhere from $1 to $10 a survey. Once they see you completing the $1 survey's regularly higher value ones start coming your way.

What makes Legerweb stand out among the rest is because every month members who have completed their surveys can win prizes.All winners are listed publicly each month. You have to respect their transparency.
Legerweb Payment for surveys
Legerweb Payment Proof. 

PayPal has been added as a payment form now which is just perfect. Super simple to cash out and deposit your cash right into your bank.

Prize no. 1: $100 in cash (Canadian dollars) Prize no. 2: $1,000 in cash (Canadian dollars) 
Prize no. 3: $1,000 in cash (Canadian dollars) 
Prize no. 4: 1000 air miles rewards miles, prize no. 5: an ipad®.

Play a Game, Watch a Video and Get Some Cash

Swagbucks is a favorite here at Everything Savings. It is better business bureau accredited and has paid out millions to it's members since their start.

Super easy to get SB'S a digital dollar which then can be converted to PayPal cash. What Canadian's love about it most is the variety. Don't like surveys? Great then watch a funny video, play a fun fast game, use coupons on groceries and so many more ways you can earn yourself PayPal cash.

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2. Make $100 PayPal for Writing a List

Writing a list can earn you $100 and not just once! Earn more very easily! If you can write a 10 point list then this gig is for you. Make cash sitting right on the couch.

Once you have an original list article ready you can submit it to Listverse and wait to see if it is accepted. You don't need images they provide those for you. Your list has to be at least 10 points long and on a topic that will interest people.

You must have a PayPal account to get paid. There are no exceptions to that rule. 

Here are Listverse's tips & rules

  • Lists must be your own work
  • Must include 10 items
  • Lists must be at least 1,800 (including introduction)
  • Include quality online sources that verify facts for each item on your list.(not Wikipedia or Huffington Post) 
  • Format the sources according to Section 7 of the Author’s Guide 

Think you are ready to make yourself a $100? Get Paid PayPal Cash for Your List

3. Make PayPal Cash with Your Cell Phone Pictures
Earn PayPal cash with your pictures

Become a Foaper and make PayPal cash with your pictures.Have 100's of photos on your smartphone? I am pretty sure most of us do. I pull over for a great photo so often...who knew I could be making money for the pictures in my phone!

There is a great  app Foap that you are going to love if you like taking pictures and are pretty talented at it!

Once you download your free Foap app, make your account and you are ready to get started. Once you take a high quality picture you upload it to Foap's marketplace and wait for someone to snap it up.

When a person wants to purchase your picture you make $5 USD. Here is a bonus to that...you can sell the same picture over and over and over!!

You can download the Foap app from Google Play or the App Store and become a Foaper making money from your photos!