How to Get Amazon Canada Deals for FREE


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If you haven't noticed, I am totally fascinated with Amazon deals and getting them totally free.

I have shared before really hot deals on Amazon and how to get them free or close to free but with even more ways now to get Amazon deals even cheaper than priced.

Things I absolutely love about Amazon are the pricing, the quality of products, free shipping, Amazon coupons and their amazing refund policy. Let's get to the good part, how to get already great Amazon deals totally free with free shipping too.

As an extreme couponer I turn to Amazon quite often for great deals, I not only get my order free I then get cash back on my shopping. It didn't happen over night, but within 30 days of me putting daily time in I was able to get totally free orders from Amazon.


The key to anything worth it is sticking to it.  If you do these  things every single day and put 20 minutes aside to hit the goal of getting free products on Amazon you will be amazed at exactly how many things you can actually get free.

The key to getting things totally free on Amazon is FREE Amazon gift cards! Not ones you have to buy or spend one penny on, but Amazon gift cards you are going to get FREE.

With consistent effort you could easily get yourself anywhere from $100- $200 in Amazon gift cards a month. Don't expect that to happen within the first month of starting out be realistic. Set a goal of $50 in free Amazon gift card codes for the first month and build it monthly from there.

Monthly it can be fairly easy to  bring in anywhere from $100-$200 in Amazon gift card codes making every single thing you buy on Amazon totally free. That won't happen over night but with daily effort you will get there.

My first year at earning free gift cards I saved every single one until Christmas and it paid for the ENTIRE holiday! What a life saver that was.

What is a FREE Amazon Gift Card Code?

Amazon gift card codes are 14 character long unique codes that you simply enter into your Amazon account and they add a cash balance to your account. The ultimate this about these codes is the never expire! Once you add them to your account that money is always there waiting for you to enjoy.

Enter these codes in the Amazon gift card redemption spot and that's all there is too it! And now I am going to show you how to get these codes for FREE.

Amazon gift card codes is how you are going to start getting Amazon boxes with products you need and use completely free with free shipping too.

Earning your first few Amazon gift card codes doesn't take long at all. If you participate and put 20 minutes of effort in a day towards your free Amazon gift card earning you will be adding up Amazon cash fast!

Some of the ways to get yourself free Amazon money take zero effort. You are going to love how easy it is. In as little as a few weeks you could easily have $100 sitting on Amazon that is totally free money for you to spend.

How the heck do I get FREE Amazon Canada gift card codes?

Many places online claim they will give you fee Amazon gift card codes but not all meet my  extremely high standards. The places you can and will get free Amazon gift card codes below are all programs I have used myself and still use on a daily basis.

Shopper Army
Amazon Cash Back offers on Shopper Army

 This is a program that has many different offers, some totally free some are Amazon rebates and now they have added cash back too! Being a member of Shopper Army is completely free.

Swagbucks - This is a program that  has made the news and recently hit the 200,000,000 million paid out to members mark which is amazing! Swagbucks got me through some very financially rough times, by providing me a way to get products free each month.

My favorite way to earn FAST SB's which I then redeem for Amazon gift card codes is the COUPONS! I am an avid couponer and printing and using coupons from Swagbucks on groceries I am already buying is just extra gravy!

"So while you are saving money at the register, you are earning yourself free Amazon gift cards. Thousands of Canadians are saving and making over $2000 a year with Swagbucks".

  • With the Swagbucks Mobile and SBTV apps I can use my spare minutes to earn free gift cards on my phone! On the Swagbucks website, I can rack up SB by shopping, answering surveys and watching videos. 
  • While you wait for the coffee to brew, download free games and other apps through the Discover tab: 20 SB. They can always be removed and deleted once you have earned your SB
  • During commercial breaks, take a featured survey or fill out your survey profile: 60 SB and there are always surveys waiting to be done. 
  • While standing in line at the grocery store, answer the daily poll: 1 SB
  • Just as you’ve put dinner in the oven, your Swagbucks app tells you there’s a new Swag Code!: 3 SB
  • When you’ve finally made it to the gym, watch style, tech and celeb news through the SBTV app: 2 SB for every 10 videos
  • Any online shopping I do is done through the Swagbucks app including when I order my free boxes of products and I get cash back! 
There are other great and fairly easy ways to get totally free Amazon gift card codes, The two ways I just mentioned are by far the best and fastest way to start filling your Amazon account with free money.

Even MORE Ways to Get FREE Amazon Gift Card Codes

MobileXpression is a great way to get free Amazon gift card codes each month for doing nothing. Yes you read that right, nothing!

Simply download the app to your phone check your notifications each week to claim your credits and cash out free Amazon gift card codes. 

You even get a FREE $5 Amazon gift card after the first week on downloading the app! You can download the app for iPhone & Android.