How to Get Free Samples by Mail- Sample Source Boxes

Since 2011 Sample Source has been providing Canadians with totally free product samples mailed right to their home. Offering you a chance to try products before you buy.

There is no cost associated with Sample Source sample boxes ever. It's just a matter of being online at the exact time they make the free sample boxes sign up form active.

Free Samples by Mail- Sample Source Boxes
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Sample boxes include different products each time they are released. Products are assorted and you get to choose the free samples you wan't in your box.

Free samples can include anything from hair care products, cleaning products, home scented products, pet food samples, beauty samples, free product coupons for food items and more.

Since 2011 it has been a fun guessing game of when they free sample boxes will be available. They will not post a date or time so make sure to follow Sample Source on all their social media outlets to be notified as soon as they are live.

How to sign up and actually get your Free Sample Source Sample Box
How to Get Free Samples by Mail- Sample Source Boxes
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  • If you don't already have a Sample Source account then make one today. Don't wait until the day they are released you may miss out on the next free product sample box.
  • Confirm your email after signing up.
  • Follow Sample Source on Instagram for product sample hints and updates.
  • Follow Sample Source on Twitter for up to the minute updates about the sample box form being active.

What to do when it goes active/live

Once the Sample Source free sample box link is active, the website will allow you to sign in and claim your free samples for your box.

When you sign in you will be asked a series of questions before being offered your free samples. We have found choosing the "Other' answer option opens up more product samples to you.

Be fast - Having your account up to date will increase your chances of getting your hands on one of these extremely popular product sample boxes.

Remember to CONFIRM your sample box request that you will get to the email used for your Sample Source account. Many people miss out on their sample box because they forget this very important step.

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