New Facebook Page Celebration Giveaway - WIN FREE Groceries

We are giving away a $100 grocery gift card to one lucky fan of our NEW Facebook page- Everything Savings for Canadians! 

If you love contests, free product samples, coupons for free food, flash giveaways and shopping deals that can't be beat, then this is the page for you!

We are moving our current Facebook page to a brand new page that is more conducive to Facebook's new algorithm. Our current page has been active since 2011 and needless to say over the years we have accumulated some spammy and fake followers. We could spend countless more hours deleting Facebook fans or...Start a fresh new page.

New Facebook Page Celebration Giveaway - WIN FREE Groceries

We would prefer to have only followers that are interested in freebies, product samples, grocery deals, couponing in Canada, and winning prizes. Trust me when I tell you that you want that too! You will actually see MORE posts with free product offers than before!

Everything Savings for Canadians will be closely monitored and any follower we decide is spammy, fake, or would have no interest in our topics will be immediately banned. This is actually an amazing thing for YOU the person who wants to score free stuff in the mail, see the latest Canadian contests and win flash giveaways open to Canada only. FAKE followers ruin it for everyone and we want you to get the most out of our page!

To introduce our NEW Facebook fan page we are giving one lucky NEW fan a $100 grocery gift card! Open to Canadian residents only.

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