Tips to Surviving Life on One Income

Tips to Surviving Life on One Income

Whether you are a single parent or a couple, or a family unit living on two incomes can be hard...Let alone living on one! 

After spending the last 21 years on one income raising 3 son's, there are some great tips to surviving on one income and still being able to eat!

There are some very basic things you can do to make your money go further. Freebies, coupons. product sampling programs, easy online activities are all ways to add some extra money into your monthly income.

Emergency Savings Jar

Having an emergency fund of cash on hand is critical. I know it's hard to save and even harder when you think to yourself "I have no money to save!" 

I have seen money bloggers actually say you can't save money using the jar method...Uhmm saving money takes self control so use it and the jar method works great!

Start kids young, learning about saving and the value of money. Don't end up like me jaw dropped at the bank counter realizing my son was clueless about banking and money! Make saving money fun!
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There are some great ways to save money that you many have not even thought of. Here are 55 ways to save extra money each month to get you started. There are even ways to save some extra money when you have no money. You can really find your creativity when it's time to save.

There are so many ways of making money that have saved my butt when it came to actually having money to put aside in a savings pot. Making a little side money that is just for savings is not as hard as you may think.

There are some really amazing legitimate and high paying survey sites that I am a member of that have added quite nicely to my savings jar. You will be amazed how a few minutes while watching TV can add up to extra cash in your pocket.

Reduce Your Grocery Costs

With minimum wage gone up prices on food has too. There are many ways to keep the cost's down if you set your mind to it and change certain habits.

Getting Amazon deals FREE can really add up in savings. Doing product reviews online can get you shampoo, razors, skin creams and even make-up completely free saving you from having to spend on those products. Participating in FREE product reviews is another great way to save a ton of money each year.

Using coupons is the best way to save money on groceries. If coupons just aren't your thing that's okay there are still ways to save money on food without coupons. You can find the latest Canadian grocery coupons right here on Everything Savings. We post all the latest coupons so you don't miss a great deal.

Using all the cash back apps available to you is a great way to boost savings and get a cheque in the mail for your every day grocery shopping. Using cash back is just one way I am able to rarely pay for groceries.

Knowing what foods you should never pay full price for can really save you some money.

Learn Ways to Scrimp & Save

Reading is your golden ticket! Seriously! Knowledge is power when it comes to money. There are some great and cheap books that can show you tons of different ways to make your income work. 

Two books I recommend checking out are : Worry-Free Money: The guilt-free approach to managing your money and your life and 208 Ways to Save Money Every Day and so much more. Both can be found on Amazon.

Learn to change even one habit that cost's you money daily. We all have have at least one habit that hits our wallet and really doesn't need to. I stopped one single habit granted it was a doozie... But just one habit saved me over $2100 a year. 

Drive thru coffee was my down fall. When I sat and did the math, I was sick to my stomach at the waste. It wasn't easy but in time the habit was broken.

Make Side Money from Home

There are so many ways to make money online. When I started blogging 10+ years ago I was blissfully unaware of just how many opportunities there are out there that cost nothing and can earn a passive income from home. 

Saving on Romance & Outings

Keeping the romance alive in a relationship when money is short is not impossible! It doesn't take money to keep that flame burning. Here are some tips and ideas that won't cost you money but keep the romance thriving.

Living on one income doesn't mean that outings and road trips have to stop. There are many ways to keep road trips on the cheap, many free activities happen all around you for couples, families and singles. 

28 Places that will give you a free gift for your birthday - you could spend a birthday hunting down all 28 freebies for yourself and make it a scavenger hunt! 

You can still step out for a bite to eat without going broke! Many restaurants offer coupons, BOGO offers which means buy one meal get a second for free, free appetizers and more. Here is a list I put together of Canadian restaurants that offer free food items and coupons.

Save money on your electricity bills with just a few changes and tweaks.

Stop buying these 10 things to save a little extra money. The things you stop buying to save some cash may be different than mine, but you can definitely choose a few things to swap out.