3 Things to Watch for and Avoid with FREE Stuff Pages

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Getting freebies in the mail is so much fun and can save you a ton of money on products that you use. Finding the best legitimate free stuff offers is the hard part with so many freebie pages turning into businesses! With the amount of scams and fake offers all over Facebook and online it can be super hard to weed out the bad to score tons of the good.

Once a freebie page has been deemed a business you know to be on high alert and to watch what you sign up for while visiting their page. A business needs to make money bottom line.

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BUT... Do you know what to avoid when following freebie groups/pages ? I am very confused when I come across a self proclaimed savings or free stuff website and see the amount of things that are being sold, and products for you to buy. Baffling to say the least.

Have doubts about freebies, and think it's all a big scam? I hear, ya! And I don't blame you! There are so many scams out there and everyone says you can't get something for free, but the proof is in My Canadian Mailbox Facebook group and right here in my mail calls.. See the stuff that arrives in our mailbox and others from all over Canada. Not just see it, start getting the same stuff mailed right to you too! Freebies are everywhere and following and joining the right hot spots will fill your mailbox in no time!

Learning how to find free sample offers, product testing offers is the best way to maximize your freebies.

TOP 3 Things to AVOID When Following FREE-STUFF Pages

1. Does the page owner or group owner respond to your questions or doubts about a post? If a page owner isn't willing to respond to its followers then you should be Leary. If someone needs their doubts about a free sample, product-testing, or giveaway post answered , they should be responded to.

No question is a bad question when it comes to getting free stuff in the mail. It can be very confusing when you first get into it.

2. Are they daily promoting products for you to buy? This is a HUGE red flag. Here's why. A freebie or savings blog is a great tool online to save you money and score you as many freebies as you can get, not sell you products.  Often the focus now goes into the selling of products and scam giveaways, fake freebies, and unsafe freebies start slipping through the cracks and getting posted. And only to draw you to their website. They need you to click through to hopefully buy a product.

Don't get me wrong, sharing a great price drop or deal is great, as long as it is disclosed that it is an affiliate link and that they will be getting a commission from you. If there are more products being sold on their website than freebies you know this website won't save you money.

Just because something goes on sale, doesn't mean you need to buy it. 

3.  Do they promote programs you know and research shows don't work. This is another biggie to watch for. Many freebie blogs promote programs that yes are legit BUT also offer you no value, you won't earn as they tell you and have very poor Better Business Bureau  ratings. Here is one to watch for. Field Agent is promoted quite often by groups and pages yet it has been proven to be one to stay away from. Field Agent Scam or Legit?

They draw you in with titles of free McDonald's and free cash. Doing a few minutes research shows you that in fact the person promoting it simply wants to make that $5 for you signing up. This is your next red flag and you should shy away from trusting more of their posts without doing your research first.

Freebie hunting, getting free beauty products to test, product samplers, free full size products and more are so much fun and so rewarding to get, but do it with common sense, and trust the freebie pages you follow or better yet learn how to scout of free stuff on your own and get even MORE.

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