5 Odd Candy Cane Flavors

Flavored Candy Canes

Candy Cane season is almost here, to be hung on the tree, attached to Christmas cards, given to kids who visit and a just as a sweet treat.

But have you checked out the latest flavors of candy canes you can get!?!? Some are just to gross but sound so enticing to give to someone else. (Evil laugh).

The oddest candy cane flavors on Amazon.ca right now.

1. Gravy Candy Canes

Gravy Candy Canes on Amazon.ca
I love gravy as much as the next guy, but uhmm really!? I guess each to his own taste buds! If you have a gravy lover in your life these might be the perfect stocking stuffers. (Not lol) You can get them on Amazon here -> Gravy Candy Canes

2. Pickle Candy Canes

Pickle Candy Canes on Amazon.ca

I am not a huge pickle lover, but many of my pickle loving friends of mine have tried these and actually liked them!?? I guess if you don't really have a sweet tooth then the the tang of these Pickle Candy Canes are perfect for you. You can get these on Amazon here ->> Pickle Candy Canes

3. Oreo Candy Canes
Oreo's are a fave snack of so many kids and adults alike. But as a candy cane flavor!? Really? I guess so! After reading all the reviews of happy customers, I figured it out! People like these becasue they are perfect for holiday decor! 

Finding black and white candy canes can be super hard or near impossible. So these are great if your tree or decorations have a black and silver or black and gold theme. You can get these on Amazon here --> Oreo Candy Canes

4. Wasabi Candy Canes

Wasabi flavored candy canes!? Who comes up with these ideas! People with frenemy's that's who! Have a few of those on your Christmas list? This just cleared up your confusion on what to get them.  

I can't imagine why anyone would want to try these, but many are oddly enough!
You can get these on Amazon Here--> Wasabi Candy Canes

5. Bacon Candy Canes

This one kinda makes sense to make. Insane amounts of people love bacon, so why wouldn't there be a bacon flavored candy cane? These ones I have tried myself and yep they sure do taste like bacon! They were a hit in the kids stockings too. You can get these on Amazon here --> Bacon Candy Canes

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