5 Winners Have WON an Envie of Coupons!

grocery coupon winners

I love giving away prizes and coupons and it's that time again! Time to announce some winners of the coupon envelope giveaway we held in our My Canadian Mailbox Facebook group!

Not even a week old and the group already has amazing members who are already sharing HOT free sample offers and contests open to Canadians and what freebies that have received. 

Let's get to the best part our 5 lucky winners!

  • Sara Patel 
  • Lisa MacPherson
  • Cassandra Gale
  • Jen Neufeld Whimster 
  • Nancy Nickerson

Congratulations winners. It's time to claim your prize. Winners have 6 days from the date of this post to claim their prize by emailing me their mailing information at Canadasfreebiehunter @ gmail.com. (Written with spaces to avoid the icky spammers)

A huge thank you and air hug to everyone who entered, and I watch for many more random freebie giveaways coming up in the My Canadian Mailbox group.