9 Must Have Tips for FREE Topbox Circle Mission Boxes

9 Tips for Topbox Circle Missions

Topbox Circle Mission boxes with free beauty and self care products are extremely popular and so much fun to get in the mail. Its a great way to try new brands and the latest products totally free!

A Topbox Circle Mission box can have anywhere from 1 product to a handful of products for you to keep totally free in exchange for your honest thoughts and feelings about the product and brand.

BUT with everything amazing comes so very strict rules and guidelines to follow and breaking those rules could get you banned from this amazing FREE beauty product testing program.

  1. Make sure your profile information is VALID
  2. Always complete your reviews ON TIME and IN FULL. 
  3. NEVER sell the free beauty products you have received. This is illegal, as you agreed to terms when you signed up.
  4. ALWAYS use the #Freeproduct hashtag in EVERY social post about the products.
  5. Use ONLY pictures YOU have taken of the products
  6. Having more than one social account is a must! (Instagram is most important)
  7. Reviews must have a minimum of 50 words
  8. Sign in DAILY to see if there are surveys for you.
  9. Make sure ALL your social accounts are connected in your Topbox Circle account. ( They can be disconnected for no reason, so check often that your connections are still there.