20 Ways Canadian Families Can Save Big this Christmas

20 Ways Canadians can save money at Christmas

Christmas and saving money  don't seem like words that go together but there are ways to cut costs and make it a little less heavy on the budget so that Christmas and saving money go hand in hand.
Planning all year is the number 1 way of keeping the cost of Christmas at its lowest.

But even a month before there are ways to saving money at Christmas. If you didn't have time to save all you could this year start planning next years Christmas now and see how easy it is to pay close to zero for an entire Christmas.

1. PC Optimum Points - Start boosting your PC Optimum points. DON'T use your points on bonus redemption days, these are not great ways to save your points for what you actually need or could get free. Bonus redemption days are extremely smart marketing plans and they are not for your benefit. I cringe when I see money blogs and savings blogs encouraging their fans to use redemption days.

Use your points for YOUR family's needs when you need to. That's the entire point of a reward program.

Using your PC Optimum points you can easily get you your entire Christmas dinner and dessert items totally free or close to free. Ways to Boost your Optimum Points balance.

2. Making extra spending money online - This is a passion of mine. Finding ways to make some side cash without having to invest a dime into it. Making ends meet at Christmas with 3 small young kids taught me so much over the years and making money online is so much easier than you may think.

3. Cash back Apps -I can't stress enough how easy it is to get money back on your groceries! Cash back apps that are reliable and trustworthy can really amp up your savings, especially during the holidays.

4. Amazon Canada - There are so many ways using Amazon can save you money, and getting free products on Amazon is super easy!

Amazon just released their new MONTHLY Prime membership plans which is freaking awesome! Here's why...Shipping on even one product would be more than the measly $7.99 monthly fee. You can get all your Amazon orders no matter how small shipped FREE with the monthly membership. You get a 30 day free trial too!

5. Free Christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts

 Have a few people on your list that are important but you really can't squeeze them into the budget?

6. Win prizes- I know it sounds easier said than done, but if you enter contests and giveaways everyday and do your daily entries you will see that you start winning prizes. Save prizes you win throughout the year and put them aside as Christmas gifts. Enter the many contests we post daily.

7. Non gift ideas - Not every gift has to have a dollar amount. Here are 5 non-gift gift ideas to get you started.

8. Cancelling a part of Christmas (The material part)  - This one will save you a ton of money! But not every family will find this an option and that's okay.

9. Coupons-  Grocery coupons are so very important to saving at Christmas time. BUT what if you could earn cash for using grocery coupons!? Then you would be saving money and making some at the same time!

Save coupons all year that have an expiry dates of December 31 and get 90% of December's groceries free.

10. Set spending limit

Set a Christmas spending limit

Set a limit per person you are buying for. Gifts are about you thinking about someone else, not the value of the gift. Set an exact amount for each person that you are going to be able to spend and stick to it. Shopping online is a great way to avoid impulse shopping at the mall.

Other ways to save money at Christmas

  1. Send cards not gifts
  2. Print your own Christmas cards and personalize them
  3. Always save wrapping paper from the previous year
  4. Have a Christmas tote that you fill all throughout the year with Christmas gifts 
  5. Make gift baskets with free products using free product coupons
  6. Write and follow a gift list. Don't buy on impulse.
  7. Homemade gifts always touch the heart
  8. Have things you haven't used in a year? Sell them off for extra Christmas cash
  9. Use your loyalty cards and redeem for rewards
  10. Start preparing for next Christmas January 1 of the new year