Finding Freebies on Social Media

Getting freebies in the mail is super easy & so rewarding- If done right!

Thanks for popping in to check out Everything Savings- If you are new here make sure to read the about page for more information about what we do, which essentially is search high and low for freebies for you.

Always remember Freebie Hunting should always be fun!

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  1. Guide to getting free sample and freebies
  2. Free stuff in the mail for Canada
  3. 11 Websites you can get something free from
  4. How to get Amazon deals free in Canada
  5. 87 Freebies and offers for Canadians
  6. 10 Baby freebies in Canada
  7. 28 Birthday freebies in Canada
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When looking for freebies and free samples on social media using hashtags is the ultimate way.

Finding Freebies on Social Media

  • Use these hashtags when searching on Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram #Free #Freesample #ProductTesting  #Complimentary This will bring up all posts using that tag. 
  • Use ALL social media platforms. Instagram is quickly becoming the most popular spot for freebies.
  • You Don't need an active cell phone to have an Instagram account. Just active WIFI to use Instagram. As long as your cell phone can connect to the internet you can make your account.
  • Following your favorite brands on social media is a great way to find and get freebies and free samples
  • Learn how to enter and win Instagram free contests/giveaways

Searching for a freebie? Search it different ways:
  • Free Sample
  • Win a Free Sample
  • Samples
  • Sample Packs to be won
  • Sampler pack
  • Free mailed samples
Make sure your Google search engine bar is set up before you actually search. First type in an freebie offer you are looking to win - Free sample-  hit the search button. Now don't look at the results yet you will be wasting your time. 

Under your search bar is your search engine settings. Pick your country, and in the next tab pic the time limit. Make it within last 24 hours or past week. Then hit search again and now you have valid and current free sample offers open to your country.