FREE Christmas Gifts & Easy Ideas

FREE Christmas Gifts & Easy Ideas

Are you as excited as I am about Christmas 2018!?!? I can't wait!! But...My wallet isn't as excited that's for sure. Buying Christmas gifts for your family while sticking to the budget can be super hard! But it's not impossible and there are some great gift ideas that won't hurt your budget!

2018 Budget Friendly Gift Ideas

#1 FREE Personalized Crown Royal labels.

This is a totally free gift you can order and it arrives within 2 weeks. You can re-order more after a certain amount of time passes. You can get up to 4 labels and personalize each line to whatever you want.

These make a great free gift or stocking stuffer or even to be added with another gift. You can choose your label type and color and put whatever you want into the wording.

#2 Free Photo Books & Gifts from Shutterfly 

Shutterfly Free products and gifts

Personalized photo gifts can be quite expensive and run you about $35-$60 but it doesn't have to and Shutterfly is always offering free photo books, mugs, magnets stickers and more. All things that can be used as a great free gift. Yes you pay the shipping and it's worth it all the way!

For years I have been getting free Shutterfly products and I have only ever paid shipping. I am not an affiliate of Shutterfly nor do I earn if you sign up for a free account. I just truly love the free gifts I have received over the years and know how much money you can save on gifts.

Ways to Get FREE Shutterfly Gifts

1. For new members there is always an awesome offer of a few freebies you just handle the shipping.

The free gift offers for new members is only valid for 30 days from the day you make your new account. So don't wait to get your freebies once you make your account.

You can check all the monthly promotions here.

2. EMAILS Once you're  a member watch your emails. You will get emails offering your totally free gifts that are personalized to you. These free gift offers will have a limited time on them so check your Shutterfly emails often for freebie offers. Remember you will have to pay shipping and even with shipping you are scoring an amazing memorable gift free.

3. Pampers Rewards - Use your Pampers Reward points to get free address labels using only 300 points.There are offers for large 11x14 prints and more all using your Pampers Points.

4. Swagbucks - You can earn money back on Shutterfly purchases using Swagbucks PLUS earn free Shutterfly gift cards. I am so in love with Swagbucks, seriously one of the best programs to be apart of. In 2016 it paid for our family's entire Christmas. It's also one of the 12 reward programs all Canadians should be a member of.

5.IKEA Family - When you sign up to be apart of the IKEA family you will get special offers for free stuff. Often you will get codes for free Shutterfly products. Being a free email newsletter member definitely has it's perks like free coffee and more.

IKEA free offers

#3 Your Time - You know the pressures of life are hard on you, your friends, your family. Plain and simple life is stressful! Giving your time can mean so much more than any gift you could ever buy.

Free gift idea- Give your time.

Offer some of your time to help a young family with a break from their kids. Make meals for someone you know is barley juggling their time. Make up a card offering your time as a gift and it will mean the world to someone who needs a hand but won't/can't ask it for. We have all been there.