FREE Stuff in the Mail for Canada

Do you live in Canada? Like getting FREE STUFF? Think it's not possible? We are here to prove you wrong! There are always offers from Brands willing to mail your FREE STUFF to try out and enjoy!

NEW Free stuff is added everyday here on Everything Savings. Super time sensitive freebies are shared on our Facebook fan page Freebies and Deals in Canada and in the My Canadian Mailbox group.

Freebies are so much fun to get and can save you thousands of dollars each year! Everything from free product samples, free full size products,free sampler packs,free appliances,free gift cards, free event tickets, free Tim Horton's for a year and more

Now onto the good stuff the FREEBIES you can order!

Free Stuff in the Mail in Canada
Free EpiPen Starter Kit - Choose from different kits, for the one that suits your needs
Free Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide - Print copy comes in the mail. Take a couple weeks to arrive.
Free Truvia Sweetener Sample - Takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive.
Charmin Toilet Paper Roll Extender - Plastic roll extender. Takes awhile to arrive in the mail but it comes. 
Free Disney Vacation Planning DVD - A package comes with a fun DVD and information packets.
Free 2018 Yukon Vacation Planner + Maps - Takes about 3 weeks to arrive.
Crown Royal Personalized Labels - These are perfect for gifts and for party's.
Depend Underwear Samples - You can request a free sample for men or women.
Free Poster - Canadian Flags poster. 
Free Lego Life Subscription for kids. - Kids must be of a certain age.
Free Robax Sample - Small sample pack
Ikea Safety Latches - 5 can be ordered per family. These fasten dressers to the wall to keep your kids safe.
Free Tena Samples- Choose from a couple of different kits and get a sample pack mailed to you.
Blind Swatches - Looking at new getting new blinds? Order free sample swatches first.
Free Credit Card Reader- Great for taking payments on the go. Ours came in 2 weeks time.