10 Creative Uses of Your Old Cell or Tablet

Creative Uses of Your Old Cell Phone

Stop! Don't throw out that old cell you have kicking around, there are some creative ways to re-use it.

  1. Alarm Clock - Use your old cell for the only purpose to be an alarm. 
  2. Kids - Let younger kids play apps and games while sitting at Dr's appointments.
  3. 911 only cell- Keep it charged and in your glove box or kitchen of your home for emergencies. 911 calls do not need the cell phone to be activated
  4. Donate it to your closest women's shelter. A woman in need could really use the added protection of having a cell.
  5. Use it as a GPS system, leave it in the dash and charged for moments when you get lost.
  6. Turn it into a universal remote. 
  7. Toy for a toddler who wants to be just like their parents. Kids love playing with cell phones.
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  9. Kitchen Helper - Cooking timer, recipe apps, cooking video and recipes at hand.
  10. Make an Instagram account - The phone doesn't need to be active. 
We all have at least one device sitting in a drawer somewhere that we can bring back to life using one of these methods.