10 Ways to Not be a Freebie Brat

Whether you are new to freebies and getting fun free stuff in the mail or have been doing it for awhile, I am sure you have come across a spoiled brat. You see their comments on posts complaining, and you see them being rude to brands because they didn't get what they wanted.

Don't be that person. Just...Don't!

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Here are 10 ways not to be a spoiled freebie brat

1. READ all the instructions about a freebie offer before complaining you don't know how to get it.

2. Don't freak out and write all over Facebook and other social platforms that your freebie didn't arrive 30 seconds after you signed up for it.

3. Don't be ignorant and make yourself sound spoiled when a freebie offer gets cancelled. You aren't owed anything!?

4. Be thankful for the FREE STUFF you do get, and always thank the brand that sent it on social media.

5. Don't complain when others get something free and you don't. It's not kindergarten put your big people pants on and grow up.

6. Understand you are owed NOTHING. A freebie is a awesome to get, but not something due to you.

7. If you are going to rant and rave like a toddler at least use spell check to save yourself a little dignity.

8.If you not getting something free makes you angry, then this isn't  the hobby for you.
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9. Don't order 5 and 6 of a freebie that clearly states 1 per person and then BRAG on the post that you did so. (Shaking my head)

10. Be KIND always. If you didn't get the freebie, OH WELL. If you didn't like the freebie you got...OH WELL. Be thankful always for something free.


Freebies take time to arrive. I have had freebies arrive 6 months after sign up. NO company or brand is under any law that says they must mail out your freebie the day you sign up. They are providing a gift and it will come when it comes.

If you are moving and don't want to lose out on prizes and freebies you have coming in the mail you can do this to get your mail re-routed to your new place.

Not every freebie offer will be suited to you, so don't sign up for dog treats if you don't have a dog.

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