11 Things You Shouldn't and Should Buy at Second-Hand Stores

11 Things You Shouldn't and Should Buy at Second-Hand Stores

There are so many benefits to shopping at thrift stores. yard sales and second hand. Benefits to our budget, our creativity and just plain fun to search for treasures!

Shopping at second-hand stores can be very budget friendly and you could find a treasure! You can even turn shopping at thrift stores into extra cash in your pocket!

Kids tend to blow through clothes in a 5-minute span that's when buying second hand can be a real bank account saver.

Somethings in a second-hand store are better left right there on the shelf no matter how low the price. We all have our own personal boundaries on what we are willing to use that is second hand, this list is basic things you should avoid at the second-hand stores and some that are great buys.

Things you should not buy at second-hand stores

  1. Car seats - You may feel you scored a great deal on a used car seat, but it could cost you your child's safety and even worse their life.
  2. Cribs - Saftey first always. Brand new is always the way to go. Or one from a family member.
  3. Beds (Most second-hand stores have stopped selling them)
  4. Creams & makeup
  5. Hats 
  6. Baby pacifiers and baby bottles
  7. Underwear
  8. Stuffed toys (These hold bed bugs and lice for months)
  9. Pillows for your bed.
  10. Hair brushes
  11. Bike Helmets

Great things to buy second hand

  1. Clothes- Just wash or steam clean
  2. Books - Dust them out even if they are clean and newish looking. 
  3. Home Decor - You can score some amazing deals on decor that can be washed up.
  4. Frames- You can find some gorgeous frames to use for pictures or even as a home decor craft.
  5. Holiday Decorations - You can save a ton of money if you check the second-hand stores right before each holiday.
  6. Furniture - Like end tables and coffee tables
  7. Leather anything - Leather belts and purses are a great find and can be used to make bracelets and crafts 
  8. Metal Baking pans - You can get some amazing baking pans second-hand
  9. New Items with tags - You can buy them for yourself or sell it online to make a little side money
  10. Craft supplies and beads - Kids love crafts and so do us adults.