4 Ways to Avoid Wasting Money This Christmas

Having to spend money around the holidays is inevitable, but there are some great ways to avoid wasting your money too. Like knowing how Black Friday can screw you.

It's easy to get caught up in the moment when buying gifts or planning parties but keeping in mind a few key things can really add up to savings, and a less stressful January for you and your budget.

1. Shop Online

I am not saying there are not some amazing deals and offers in store but shopping online saves you time, energy, money and gas. With some many companies competing against each other finding the lowest price for something you are looking for online is your best bet. It get's better than saving you all those things, you get a higher cash back value when you shop online.

Do all your online shopping via cash back programs making sure to use the one offering the highest amount of money back on the day you are shopping. Each cash back program has their own percentage they offer back and each have their own rewards.

Ebates - Get cash back on almost everything you could imagine buying online as well you can make yourself some extra spending money when you refer your mom, sister, friends or anyone to get cash back too.


 Around the holidays Ebates is a great way to earn some extra cash to save even more on top of your cash back for shopping. Completely free to join and earn with. I am sure you have seen the commercials. It really is a great way to save and make money for holiday shopping.

Swagbucks - When you shop online go through your Swagbucks account and get a percentage back on your online shopping. Redeem your SB's which are the digital dollar you will get back for gift cards or PayPal cash. There are so many ways to earn yourself Swagbucks all year and could even make your Christmas free.

2. Change Traditions 

Consider changing up what you usually do at Christmas and make it more about moments and memories than expensive gifts. Set a strict dollar limit to each person you are buying for and stick to it. Our family cancelled the material part of Christmas one year and it was the most memorable of all our Christmas's.

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3. Make Christmas Shopping Money Online

Earning free gift cards for Amazon, PayPal cash, and gift cards to almost any store are super easy if you know which programs are legitimate and actually pay. If you plan ahead and set aside all online earning for holiday shopping you could have completely free Christmas gifts.

There are countless ways to make extra money online, that don't cost you any money, that are safe and legitimate ways to earn.

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4. Sell off Things you Don't Need

Before you fill up your house with more gifts and clutter get rid of things from around the house and use that cash to spend on holiday gifts. This keeps your family budget safe and you get a cleaner house and make room for new!

Just a few ideas of things to get rid of and that sell fast online in your local Facebook buy and sell groups.

Video games
Kitchen Appliances
Vintage clothing
Sport equipment