5 Reasons Maybe You Shouldn't Sign Up for Free Stuff

Is FREE STUFF in the Mail for You?

Have you recently started sighing up for free samples, freebies and free product testing offers and you find that you are in any of the following categories you should probably not be a freebie hunter.

8 Years of running large Facebook freebie pages and 12 years of blogging have taught me that there are just some people who aren't cut out for entering contests and getting freebies.

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If You Don't Have Time to Read the Instructions
Time for freebie hunting

If your life is super hectic and sitting to relax by the computer is just a dream, freebie hunting isn't for you. Finding free stuff offers can be time consuming but very rewarding.

Don't expect to win contests and giveaways if opening emails or taking the time to read ALL the instructions of a post are too time consuming for you. You will only feel stressed out when you see a free product sample you missed out on , or miss prize winning notifications. Freebie hunting should never be stressful and always be a fun and rewarding hobby.

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Basic Knowledge of Facebook & Instagram
Social Media for Freebie Hunting

If you have zero basic knowledge about the top social platforms you will struggle to get free stuff in the mail, contest wins will be few to none, and your frustration level will just grow.

Instagram is fast growing to be the more popular social platform for brands to host their giveaways and contests so learning it is almost a must to be a freebie hunter and to be a product tester it's a BIG MUST.

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If You Are Cynical 
Cynical about free stuff

Being a cynic get's you nowhere in life and in freebie hunting it hurts you even more. If you worry about simple spam emails and think that every offer is out to spam you, or affect your cell phone or whatever other wild idea you can come up with, then freebie hunting isn't for you.

Being a cynic not only takes the fun out of freebie hunting you ruin it for everyone else that has to read your negative Nancy comments.

If You Are a Spoiled Brat 

Being a freebie brat is the worst! Trust me everyone looks at your comments and just shakes their head. Greed is not a great color on anyone, it takes away from the joy of getting free products mailed right to you home, find hot free samples and contests and winning prizes.

If you miss out on a freebie or don't get picked to try a product free, oh well! You will survive and you should just be happy for those who did get picked.

If You Can't Spot a FAKE FREEBIE

Fake freebie offers are everywhere but not as much as you would like to think. More often than not offers are legitimate safe and very rewarding. But knowing what to watch for is important.

Don't complain that you get nothing free, when you sign up for fake or spam offers. It takes due diligence when it comes to finding free stuff for Canada.