6 Reasons Why You Haven't Gotten Anything FREE on Facebook

Where's my FREE STUFF

In 8 years of running a Facebook free-stuff page and owning numerous blogs about freebie hunting the same old question and cranky comments keep coming that go a little something like this, " I have LIKED & SHARED everything so where is my free-stuff!?".

Let me start by saying that question alone is a head shaker. If you truly believe that because you have liked or shared a Facebook post that you should receive a product in the mail free... then I don't think freebie hunting is for you.

Thousands of Canadians are getting free products in the mail everyday. Everything from coupons for free grocery products, free beauty products to try and test, and prizes won from fun giveaways. But not for just clicking your mouse. See everything I and other Canadians are getting in the mail FREE by joining the My Canadian Mailbox FB group.

Reasons why you probably haven't gotten anything free.

1. You Facebook profile looks fake- Sponsors of giveaways look at that when choosing winners.
No actual profile picture? It counts you out almost every time.

2. You ONLY like & share the freebie or giveaway post but don't actually follow the instructions.

3. You haven't clicked the actual link that takes you to the entry form that is in EVERY freebie and contest post.

4. You have liked and shared a post to win - but have not actually LIKED or FOLLOWED the page which means you are instantly disqualified from winning.

5. You are probably following the wrong freebie pages that are only out to sell you products. There are only like 4 legitimate freebie pages for Canadians. Any others not mentioned post spam links to get your email address and consistently try to sell you products. Avoid these things with freebie pages.

Wondering if the contests and giveaways you see us share here on the blog and on our Facebook page are legitimate? You have every right to wonder and ask in a world full of scams and fake freebie blogs. And I am going to set your mind at ease.

YES, every contest we share/post is a legitimate contest or giveaway open to Canadian residents. NO not all contests and giveaways are sponsored by us. With 15 years of contesting experience knowing which contests and which giveaways are legitimate is our forte.

TIPS for GETTING the FREEBIES you see in Facebook Posts

1. Make sure your profile has an actual picture of you on Facebook and that you are not using a dummy account. yes Facebook knows and yes page owners can tell. After all we do spend 90% of our time working on Facebook. You can't fool us so stop trying.

2. Make sure to LIKE, COMMENT ON & Share the posts that interest you. Worried about your friends and don't want them to see every post you share? Make a Facebook contesting friends list.

3. The MORE free stuff and giveaway posts you LIKE & SHARE the MORE you will start seeing these time sensitive offers in your news-feed. That's why pages ask you to like and share.

4. Click the LINK AT THE TOP of every single post to fill out your information and actually sign up.

Wondering why you don't see winners lists posted? Another great question and one that deserves answering. Each contest or giveaway we share here or on our Facebook  page has its own set of rules and regulations and is run by specific blogs, websites or brand pages.

When a contest or giveaway comes to an end, each contest or giveaway host (person running it) will notify winners in the way stated in their rules and regulations. Each will be different. Check back with every contest you enter when it's over. You can also request winners lists by mail if a contest doesn't choose to publish their winners list publicly.

Many people have won prizes and lost out for one reason only- They did NOT Like the page hosting the giveaway. If you are not a fan of the page holding the giveaway you can not be tagged as a winner, and most times it disqualifies you from winning the prize.


#1 You won't get a notification that you are a winner if you are not a fan (have LIKED) the page. 99% of giveaways disqualify you because you are not a fan of their Facebook page. LIKE the page then enter the giveaway or request a sample.

#2 Page owners do not just automatically have your address when you click like or share a post to send you free samples.

#3 Writing the words "like & share" is NOT a like or a share. Actually LIKE the post and then share it. DON'T write the words like & share- Leave an intelligent comment.

#4 Liking & Following a page are different things. Following and getting notifications when a page posts is the BEST way to be notified of a freebie

Facebook shows you more of what you click like on and comment on and share. So if you love giveaways, freebies and contests clicking like and sharing and comments ensures you will see even more posts like that.

If you have only liked and shared a post you have NOT entered to win. You have only made sure you will see more contests and giveaways and freebies in your Facebook news feed. You MUST click on each posts link and enter each and every giveaway separately.  Most contests entries also will need to be confirmed in your email.

Make sure to enter each giveaway and contest properly and check back with that respective brand, company or blogger to see if you are a winner. We will never post another companies winner list on here.