Are You Committing Coupon Fraud?

What is Coupon Fraud

Coupons save you money on groceries, toiletries and even services in your daily life. Brands love sharing coupons with you the consumer to get their product in your home. But there are a select few people who feel that is not enough for them and they commit coupon fraud.

What is coupon fraud?

Here are the numerous ways people commit coupon fraud.

1. Photocopying coupons to use multiples at different shopping stores. Scammers even use them at the same store forgetting the bar code is the same. This is coupon fraud.

2. Buying the wrong product size (Decoding)

Using a coupon that says it's for a 9 pack of Royale Tissue on a pack of 6 and sneaking by the cashier. Yes, this is fraud. Your product must be exactly what the coupon states right down to the size.

3. Coupon modifying

Changing a coupon expire date or value using applications online that do this. Yes, sadly those exist. Online you can learn just about anything and people do this every day.

4. Using more than one per purchase. Certain coupons including all free product coupons state this is only 1 allowed per customer. That means you can only use 1 free product coupon with that complete order.

Example: You have 2 free product coupons for Whiskas cat food. The coupon states one per customer. While checking out you can only use 1 coupon to get one Whiskas free.

You can not use the second or it's coupon fraud. You may complete that order and come back to get your second free product, but not at the same time as purchasing the first.

There are so many great deals and freebies to be had when using coupons, it's not worth it to commit coupon fraud. Stay honest and happy couponing!