Don't Miss a Prize Because You Haven't Checked Your Filtered Messages

Facebook is forever changing and that can lead to some missed contest wins, and messages from people you wouldn't want to miss. Facebook had the "other" folder but now that's gone.

Filtered is the spot you will want to check regularly for missed messages. The difference between the "Other folder" & the new " Filtered " box is notifications. You don't get a notification when you have a message in the filtered box.

Messages from people not on your friends list, or company pages trying to reach you can only send to your filtered. It to keep your inbox for people you know and have a connection with on Facebook.

If you are anything like me, I love giveaway's and contests that brands have on their fan pages. Missing out on a prize on the other hand really sucks!

People that are not on your friends list may wish to contact you, you know like that long lost friend from high school you never want to hear from....OR a brand that wants to say "Hey, YOU WON!".