Grocery Shopping Online VS In Store- PROS & CONS

As an extreme couponer I get asked all the time which is the better way to shop for groceries...Online or In-Store? The answer to that question is not so straight ford. For each person and family their needs will be different and either shopping online or shopping in-store could be the better choice for them.

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Grocery Shopping Delivery

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PROS of Grocery Shopping Online

Shop when you want 24/7
Save money on Gas
No waiting in line
Shop with PJ'S on and not be embarrassed
Avoid well placed impulsive buy products in stores
Compare prices at different online stores all at once
PC Optimum bonus points offers
Get cashback on online shopping
Choose your pick up time to suit your day
Less likely to over spend

CONS of Grocery Shopping Online

Missing out on clearance products and store specific hot deals
Returning a product or clearing up an issue over a product becomes harder.
Not all grocery stores accept coupons and price matching when shopping online
Missing out on the social aspect of being out of the house and interacting with other humans
You can't physically touch the product to inspect if you want it.
Pick-up and delivery fees
Trusting someone else to pick the freshest products for you and read expiry dates on products
The store can substitute a product if they need to
Missing out on coupons on grocery in-store displays

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PROS of Grocery Shopping In-Store

Finding new coupons in aisles and on displays
Scoring hot reduced items and clearance products not advertised online
Running into that long lost friend from high school
Being able to use manufacture coupons
Finding store specific contests and grocery giveaways not advertised online
Being able to feel read and inspect the foods you are buying
More apt to choose a different brand when seeing the prices.
Using reward cards is super easy at the register
Being able to price match other local deals
Avoid delivery fees and pick-up fees

CONS of Grocery Shopping In-Store

Over spending on products you don't need but catch your eye.
Over buying - Seeing a good deal and buying way too many.
You have to actually get out of those cozy pj's and venture into the world
Long line-ups
Fitting time in to go grocery shopping into a very hectic schedule of kids, school work and soccer practice.
Shopping when hungry triggers you to buy more when in-store and seeing the delicious snacks and foods.
You may not find the most competitive price at your local grocery store.
Impulse buying is a higher risk when you are actually seeing the products

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