5 Ways Your Facebook Profile Is Stopping You From Winning Prizes

Facebook Winning Prizes

Facebook can be a playground of contests, sweepstakes and giveaways for you to enter and win. But often I hear from people that winning seems impossible and they are frustrated beyond belief! Your profile on Facebook could actually be hurting your chances of winning.

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1.Your profile picture must be a picture of you. The worst thing you can do is leave your profile picture blank. Not only does Facebook think your profile could be spam like and not real, so do brands and pages that are picking winners.

2. STOP sharing every contest you enter on Facebook PUBLICLY. When you share a post it never has to be public. A contest holder does not need to see it on your wall to know you shared. Page owners can see every share within their setting of the page. No need to tell them you shared. And more times than not when they see tons of shared contests and giveaways they won't pick you as a winner. Set the privacy for your contest and giveaway shares to ONLY YOU.

3. Read the information in the contest/giveaway post twice. Make sure you are following all the instructions. Commenting on a post asking what to do when the title tells you what to do, will get you overlooked as a winner more times than not.

4. Enter ONLY giveaways and contests open to your country. Too often people will message me with a contest or offer and it's not even open to the country you are in.

5. Stop writing LIKE & SHARE - Do you know that some contests and giveaways actually disqualify you for writing that on the giveaway post? I have for sure in many giveaways I have sponsored over the years. Liking is an action, simply like the post. Sharing is an action, simply share the post. If you are asked to comment, put an actual intelligent comment to increase your odds of winning.

And NEVER write "I have never won anything". Sponsors will over look your entry because you made it clear you only care about winning, not the actual product they are giving away.

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