Email Newsletter = FREE Case of Ohh Food Snacks

Hey guys, I got a sweet little surprise in my email on Christmas day I wanted to share with you. The reason I want to share this is so you can understand why newsletters are totally worth signing up to.

A nice chunk of 2018's prizes and freebies came from offer's I found in my email from newsletters I am a member of. Newsletters are another great reason for having a separate email is important. Missing out on emails like this one I am about to talk about really sucks when you find it a week later in your junk folder.

So the email I got on Christmas Day was this...

Free product offer email from Ohh Foods

Everyone in the Ohh Foods newsletter would have gotten this email, but most would have not opened the email to see what it was about. Brands are extremely smart (hence why they are large brands). They want you to open their newsletters and more times than not will have an offer in it for you, without telling you that in the subject line. I open every email I get and this one I was very thankful for.

A 12 pack case of munchies from Ohh Food is $36. This email was for a $36 FREEBIE on Christmas day!

Other people thought there must be a catch and didn't sign up for the offer. There was only 5 people will would enter the code in time to win and I am sure most people were too busy on Christmas day to take advantage of it. I on the other hand had a very lazy Christmas and signed up the second the email came in.

Sometimes it is worth the chance even if you think it may too good to be true,as long as you don't have to give a credit card number or pay a dime you have nothing to lose.

Email newsletters have been one of the best ways to score a few freebies. I have been lucky enough to get full free cases of coffee, full size make-up products, tons of prizes and lots of freebies thanks to email newsletters.

Watch for my mail call update when this awesome freebie arrives! I will be mailing a few bags out to YOU guys to try too! After all sharing is caring and I love sharing my freebies!

Here are my personal top fave email newsletters:

  • McCain
  • Ohh Foods
  • Annabelle
  • L'Oreal Canada

Make sure to make a new email for all your contests, freebies and email newsletters trust me you will be thankful in the end.