Burt's Bee's FREE SAMPLE? You Have Just Been Scammed

Hey Guys,

Angie here! Today was such a shame for legitimate free stuff bloggers like myself as we sat back and watched good people get duped into thinking they were getting a free sample of Burt's Bees in the mail.

Some well known freebie pages posted this offer and many Canadians freely gave up their email addresses and MAILING address to a  scammer.

Favospa has been a fake scam for the last 10 years and if you do your due diligence you will see how unsafe some freebie pages really are.

You can Google them and find they are giving away free everything... from luggage to essential oils , bath products and anything that will entice you to give up information about you.

LOOK at the top of this Screenshot - If you sign up for this your information is NOT going through a secure account.

NO terms conditions or limits. You think a company is going to send everyone  a free product? They would go broke. 

GOOGLE suspicious offers .

If you google the address of FavoSpa it's actually a Pizza joint.

Please stop trusting fake freebie pages, your identity is at risk of being stolen, your emails hacked and who knows what else. If you spotted this on a freebie page as an offer, that's one to avoid from now on.