Free Printable Food Coupons Can Earn You Cash in 2019

Earn For Using Printable Food Coupons

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Food prices are soaring and many are rethinking the way they do their food shops.As prices sky rocket so do the opportunities to combat those prices. There are dozens of ways to save when you are at the grocery store.

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Printable food coupons are the highest value coupons that you need to really cut your grocery bill down. If your family truly needs to amp up savings on your food bill, investing in a cheap printer is the best way to do that. Printable coupons are where it is at.

You can grab a printer on Amazon for under $40 with free shipping. I use the Canon Pixma for all my couponing and contest forms and love it. The ink lasts a long time and coupons print out perfectly. The great thing about this printer is that if you are an avid contest enter-er it has the scanner for scanning your contest claim forms.

Now here is the bonus to printable food coupons, you can actually be earning cash when you print a food coupon and then again when you use it in the grocery store.

1 SB per print. Available only in Canada. Excessive printing without redemption may result in reversal in SB credited . May take up to 12 weeks after redemption for SB to show in your account.


1. Make a Swagbucks account which is totally FREE.
2.. Print your grocery coupons straight from the Swagbucks coupon portal.
3. You get 1 *SB for printing your grocery coupon (*Virtual Dollars which are then converted to PayPal cash or gift cards)
4. You get 10 SB when you use your printable coupon in the grocery store.

Redeeming your SB's for PayPal Cash or gift cards is super easy. I always redeem for gift cards. You get the most bang for your buck that way. It's a way our family has been able to get all our toilet paper and laundry soap totally free for the last few years.

Using all the available programs to save the most possible at the till can seem overwhelming, but once you see the savings you will be hooked!

Extreme Couponers in Canada Checklist

  • Never pay for a coupon or to have coupons mailed
  • Check for lowest price of a product
  • Print grocery coupons on Swagbucks
  • Use coupons on almost every product purchased
  • Check Checkout51 and Caddle for cashback on products purchased.
  • Use loyalty cards & points on every shop