Entering Less Contests- Will WIN You More Prizes

Entering Less Contests- Will WIN You More Prizes

Entering contests and giveaways can be so much fun, especially when you get that winner email saying the prize is yours! Winning prizes is a great feeling and can be done if you are looking at contests and giveaways the right way.

The biggest mistake people make when entering contests and giveaways is entering too many. You are confused right? Thinking to yourself this can't be right!? The more contests I enter the better my odds of winning...? You would be so very wrong, and you are not winning prizes because of it.

If you ever wonder why other people are always winning prizes and you're not? It could be because of your entering habits.

Want to actually start WINNING prizes!?

Most important tip - DON'T enter every contest/giveaway you see- you won't win this way.

Narrowing down the contests and giveaways you enter will actually increase your chances of winning. Pick 10-15 that you really want to win, and that's it! Stick to entering those every day, make sure that you do exactly what the rules instruct you to do and do it daily.

Entering a daily entry contest only once will never win you anything. But coming back daily to do it will. When you enter everything you see, you forget to go back and get those extra entries in.

Having a bucket list of prizes you would ultimately like to win can actually help you win more often.

Think of it this way....If you really want to win one of the prizes a contest or giveaway is offering, you are more likely to come back daily for you extra entries, check back on the giveaway at its close date, follow up and see a winners list.

 If you are a 24 year old female living in a big city and you win a tractor from a random contest you entered...? Think you will be oh so excited? You probably wouldn't even know you won because you lost interest the second you left the contest page.

  • Write yourself a prize bucket list
  • Bookmark contests and giveaways to check back and do all the required daily contest entries.
  • Focus on your bucket list of prizes you want to win. Search online for those specific giveaways and contests. ie.. If you want to win a guitar, search "guitar giveaways".
  • Always perform all the actions a contest asks for. Your chances of winning will increase.
  • Be realistic with your bucket list

Searching to win a trip? Search it different ways:

  • Win a trip
  • Win a family trip
  • Win a trip for two
  • Trips to be won
  • Trip giveaway
  • Contest trip to Canada (Insert your dream place)

Make sure your Google search engine bar is set up before you actually search. First type in a prize you are looking to win - Win a Trip hit the search button. Now don't look at the results yet you will be wasting your time.

Under your search bar is your search engine settings. Pick your country, and in the next tab pic the time limit. Make it within last 24 hours or past week. Then hit search again and now you have valid and current trip contests open to your country.

Adding a minus sign in front of a word in your search will eliminate that thing or place from your search which will narrow your search down even more.