How to Not End Up in Instagram & Facebook Jail

Tips to Avoid Instagram & Facebook Jail

Instagram and Facebook are literal hot spots for contests and giveaways but knowing how not to be put in jail is a must for prize lovers.

There are a few things to be aware of that will keep your from ending up in Instagram and Facebook jail. Nothing sucks worse than coming across and awesome chance to win a prize and realize you can't comment, share or even like it to be in the running.

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So let's keep you out of jail using these tips...

Over liking and following too fast

Yes, there is a limit to follows and likes that Instagram has set and if you go above it, you will likely be banned.

  1. Instagram - Maximum of 30 likes, follows or comments within 1 hour.
  2. Facebook - Sending friends request to people you don't know. YES Facebook knows you don't have a connection and they see this as spam.
  3. Facebook - Sending messages through messenger to brands and pages and even friends at a fast rate will get you banned as a spammer.
  4. Instagram -Posting too often. The most you should upload a photo to Instagram is 1-2 times a day MAX.
  5. Instagram - There are numerous different bans you could find yourself stuck with : Shadow ban, action ban and ban.
  6. Instagram Action ban -You will be stopped from liking, following and even un-following
  7. Instagram Shadow ban - You have posted too many photos and used tags that may have been banned on Instagram
  8. Instagram Ban -If you keep landing in Instagram's so called jail you will be banned and then most likely your account deleted permanently.

If you have had your Instagram account banned or limited for someone reason and you need help, you can find help here.

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