2019 Shopper's Voice Survey Offers Cash Prizes & FREE Samples

The MOST popular survey for Canadians is now live for 2019! This is one survey can don't want to miss out on doing.

What is this survey and why should I do it?

Shopper's Voice is a once a year survey asking Canadians about products they use in their homes.
Years ago the Shopper's Voice survey would be mailed to almost every house it was a large envelope with a lengthy questionnaire about your shopping habits and products you use on a regular basis.

If you filled it all out and mailed it back you would get a huge envelope in the mail filled with free product coupons, coupons for all types of food and different products. Things have become more modern and now the survey is done online, and only once per year.

You will get everything from random free samples of different products.In 2018 we got Voltaren samples, Finish Samples, free product coupons, high value food coupons and so on. Each person will get different samples, different coupons and product offers. All based on how you answered each question.

Your survey must be answered in full to reap any of the benefits. 

BONUS to this survey is the cash prizes in the Speak Up to Win Sweepstakes. Your completion of the survey gains you an automatic entry into winning $1500 cash. There is $18,000 in cash prizes to be won all year.

This is the MOST amazing survey you will ever complete! Hope this helps explain what it is all about and whether or not it's worth it for you to complete. Who doesn't like cash and free samples?

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