5 Places You Can Start a FREE Blog

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? One of the most asked question I get is "Where can I start a blog with no risk, no money and at my own pace?" 

There are so many places online that you can build your own blog and even start making money from it. But not all are worth your time and effort and some are just plain too confusing for anyone new to blogging.

Anytime you start a new venture or hobby reading everything you can on the topic is a great way to get yourself ready before you begin. You can read How to Start a Blog : The Best Approach to Start Your First Blog and Find Loyal Readers and Fans on Amazon Kindle for free.

Wix  I have been using Wix for almost a year with another website/blog of mine and it's very easy to use. You can literally drag and drop anything you want on your pages. Super easy, especially for a beginner. It is completely free to start and run your blog. You never have to upgrade to a paid plan unless you choose to. Wix has an app market offering hundreds of add on gadgets and services for your blog too. You can link a domain name if you choose to purchase one.

Blogger This is another great completely free program to build your blog at. They have just released some new templates too which are really easy to use and change to suit your needs. Blogger is always free and unlimited. You can link a domain name to point to your blogger blog if you choose to.

Wordpress- One of the most popular blog building websites is Wordpress. I personally find it just to tedious and confusing. I would rather spend my time writing and sharing ideas than learning the in's and outs. But it is free to start and maintain a blog. You can link your domain if you choose to purchase one to your Wordpress blog.

Tumblr - Over 300 million people have a Tumblr blog. The beauty of a Tumblr blog is that if you want to have a blog but really aren't all that excited about writing you can reblog and compile tons of different interesting posts to your Tumblr blog.

Weebly-  The free basic use option is great for any new blogger looking to create a free blog. There are other paid options, but with a free one you can get the job done and build your very first blog. Weebly does all the coding for your blog in the background so you can just focus on writing blog posts.

How to pick a name for your blog
  • First choose your niche (topic)
  • Search online for names that you like to see if they are available
  • Run the names you choose by family and friends to get their thoughts
  • Try and have your blog name as close as possible to the topic
  • Be unique.
Niche Ideas
  • Drones
  • Adult coloring books
  • Fitness and fitness tracking
  • How To's
  • Recipes
  • Stay at home mommy tips 
  • Anything pet related
  • beauty product reviews
Can I make money blogging?

Heck yeah! And good money if you are good at it! Starting a blog is simple, being consistent ,reading other bloggers testimonials and seeing how other's are doing it can lead to a very generous side income. 

Once you have your blog up and running add content and perfect it for about 3 months before submitting it to search engines like Google. Start applying for affiliate programs and sponsored posts.
Nothing is keeping you back, but you!

If you love getting free products to test at home having a blog could increase your chances of getting picked more often to try free products. Writing personal reviews and sharing your thoughts and ideas could turn into a nice passive income for you on the side.

Starting a blog if you are living on Social assistance or disability is a great way to make ends meet and bring in some great freebies that also save you money. As long as you claim your income you are all set.

The ways you can make money from your free blog are endless!!