50 FREE Things for Canada

50 FREE Things in Canada

Like FREE STUFF? Who doesn't!? This is the ultimate list of 50 FREE things for us in Canada! 

You will be amazed at what you can get totally free every single day. Make sure you know how to spot a fake freebie when signing up for hot offers in Canada.

Oh and please, Don't be a freebie brat!

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  1. Free Glasses from Firmoo - Shipping extra
  2. Free $5 Amazon gift card - App Download
  3. Free Cash Prizes - One time survey
  4. Free Credit Report that Doesn't Affect Credit Rating
  5. Free Lego Magazine - Certain ages only
  6. Free Product Sample Packs - Seasonal Sample Source Boxes
  7. Free Books for Kids Under  5 - Dolly Parton's Reading Program
  8. Free Poster - Historical Canadian Flags
  9. Free Antojitos or Free spinach dip
  10. Free Arby's Classic Beef & Cheddar
  11. Free Personalized Crown Royal Labels
  12. Free Random Product Samples - Check back often if there is no current sample
  13. Free Kindle Reading App 
  14. Free Kindle Books
  15. Free Glucerna Welcome Package - $100 Value
  16. Free Letter from Santa 
  17. Free Monthly Tiger Balm Prize Packs
  18. Free Gift Cards with SwagIQ App 
  19. 5 Free Ways to Make Money at Home
  20. Free Influenster Vox Boxes
  21. Free Walmart Canada Coupons
  22. Free Christmas Gifts & Ideas
  23. Make FREE PayPal Cash
  24. Free All Natural Products for testing at home
  25. Free Men's Product Testing - Random products
  26. Free Topbox Mission Boxes
  27. Free Blog - Blogger platform
  28. Free Website - Wix 
  29. Free Printable Grocery Coupons - That you can earn money for using
  30. How to Get Amazon Deals FREE
  31. Free $10 Loblaws Coupon - Online Shopping 
  32. Free $10 Walmart Coupon - Online Shopping
  33. Free Grocery Cash Back App
  34. Free EpiPen Starter Kit - Choose from different kits, for the one that suits your needs
  35. Free Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide - Print copy comes in the mail. 
  36. Free Truvia Sweetener Sample - Takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive.
  37. Charmin Toilet Paper Roll Extender - Plastic roll extender. Takes awhile to arrive in the mail.
  38. Free Disney Vacation Planning DVD - A package comes with a fun DVD and information packets.
  39. Depend Underwear Samples - You can request a free sample for men or women.
  40. Free Robax Sample - Small sample pack
  41. Ikea Safety Latches - 5 can be ordered per family. 
  42. Free Tena Samples- Choose from a couple of different kits and get a sample pack mailed to you.
  43. Free Blind Swatches - Looking at new getting new blinds? Order free sample swatches first.
  44. Free Credit Card Reader- Great for taking payments on the go. Ours came in 2 weeks time.
  45. Free Admission to Canada's National Parks 2019 for Youths
  46. Free Food Banks for those in need 
  47. Free TV Online Streaming in Canada
  48. Free Canadian Email Address
  49. Free Portrait of the Queen
  50. Free Huggies Diapers & Wipes

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