How Freebies & Coupons Essentially Saved My Butt

I get asked all the time how did you start into freebie hunting and why..and I realized I never really posted about it and I think it's time I did.

In 2011 I was a stay at home mom of 3 very hyper and active boys and living on one income trying to make ends meet. It was almost not possible , and then I found couponing and free samples!

My very first contest I ever entered and won was from Skinny Cow.

The prize offered was a pink digital camera, free product coupons for their ice cream products. Sorry for the horrible picture it was 2012 after all. Winning this first prize was all it took for me to see contests were worth the time to enter. Getting the camera from Skinny Cow is what made me start a blog in 2012 named Canada Freebies Eh.

First prize ever won

I started my very first blog sitting on the couch in my living room while my boys were at school to start keeping track of the contests I found and prizes I wanted to win. I had NO clue how to run a blog or anything about computers at all.

I entered every contest I came across even the ones that weren't legit! Yep I was a contest newbie full of excitement and didn't know that scammers were other their trying to get my email address and info. Reading and some more reading and even more reading online taught me what to watch for and what not to do.

I started winning tons of prizes which saved me a TON of money on gifts for all the birthday parties my boys were invited too and even Christmas gifts for my boys. I was so hooked!! I focused on entering contests that were offering prizes I needed or wanted to win. Grocery giveaways , laundry giveaways everything that would save me some cash in the end. Focusing my contest entering made my wins skyrocket!

Angie's Canadian Mailbox coupons

Along with winning prizes came grocery coupons I came across online and again I turned to reading everything I could get my hands on about saving money at the grocery store and how to get most of my groceries free or next to free.

When Walmart in little Orillia, Ontario paid me $3.57 in overage for buying 20 bottles of Arm & Hammer laundry soap I actually went home and cried a little. I got 22 FREE bottles of Arm & Hammer and got paid!  I was struggling to make ends meet and wanted to provide everything my boys needed and sometimes wanted, and this deal was a year's worth of laundry soap that I didn't have to worry about buying until the following year!

Between contest prizes I was winning and the amount of free groceries and almost free groceries I was getting every month it made the extras that come with being a parent so much easier. If you have school age kids you know what I mean...Birthday invitations from every kid in the class and your kid want's to go! I never paid out of pocket for another birthday gift or Christmas gift just by freebie hunting, contest entering and taking my couponing to the extreme.

Getting free full size products like shampoo, make-up products and household products completely free was just so amazing to me when I first started this hobby. I was like every other skeptic who says you can't get anything free, and all freebies are a scam. As you can see be each post right here . Free stuff is everywhere you just have to know how to find it and get it.

The things I stuck to while being a stay at home mom were these 4 things. It helped make ends meet, gave me the opportunity to try such a huge variety of products without going broke and to have gifts on hand for every occasion without touching my single income.

There are so many tips and tricks to getting totally free products mailed right to your home without even paying shipping. Avoiding the scams and fake freebies can be tricky to the untrained eye, and contest rules can be quite the confusing feat if you don't know what you are looking for.

Latest Scam Freebie Posted by Smart Canucks & other large Canadian Savings groups

Visit me daily for tips, ideas and the inside scoop on the latest free samples, best contests open to Canadians and how to pay next to nothing for groceries using coupons.

If you have a couple hours a day to get online and sign up for the free offers we share before you know it your mailbox will be overflowing with freebies. This is a great hobby for anyone!

TIP: A freebie page selling products or posting Amazon links is NOT a freebie page and you are more likely to get scammed over time.