How to Fine Tune Your Optimum Points to Earn the Maximum

PC Optimum is one of my favorite reward programs out there and has rewarded my family so many free groceries and even a free Instant Pot thanks to their points system. I am going to show you how to Fine Tune Your Optimum Points to Earn the Maximum.

I have heard the many complaints that since the change people are struggling to find the benefit in it, and feel they can't earn the points they could on the old system. Hopefully this post gives you a little more hope for the reward program, because it has for sure saved my family hundreds in the last few months alone.

With the new system it is actually very easy to maximize your points and earn very fast. A few tweaks and things you yourself can do to make that happen are super easy and within a month you will see that earning points is not unobtainable.

How to Fine Tune your PC Optimum Points Earning Strategy

1. Shop at Shopper's Drug Mart when you can - you earn points on EVERY dollar spent + combine that with the every week Shopper's Drug Mart bonus offers within the PC Optimum App.

2. To avoid getting offers you don't want - you can click don't show me this again.

3. Have more than one card for your account. You and your spouse should both have a PC Optimum card. Both of you will get different offers each week, which will increase your point earning.

4. Learn which bonus offers are good and which are not. I see coupon bloggers sharing bonus points offers and telling people this is great and to share the offer. Those are probably the bonus offers you should avoid.

Here's Why: You get offered 10,000 or 20,000 bonus points for a $50-$70 purchase BUT you can actually get 10,000 or 20,000 spending MUCH LESS. See picture below.

Top offer is a shop with NO bonus offer, just a planned shop with high bonus values. The second is the current offer being bragged about online as a great offer, and it is NOT. Learn what a great bonus offer is and what is not. Remember it's marketers making these offers and not for you to gain.

Numerous times the offer of spend $10 get 6000 points at Shopper's is in my account. So if you do the math - Spending $30 would equal 18,000.

5. If you are picking up a one time product and don't want it to be in your offers because you know you won't be buying it again, don't swipe your points card at purchase.

Happy points earning!