4 Things that Will Make You Lose Your Topbox Circle Account

4 Things you can lose your Topbox Circle account for

Topbox Circle is a favorite here and one of the leading product testing opportunities for the top brands in beauty. Having an account is totally FREE and there is never a cost of any kind for you to test out products and share your honest review.

Once you have an account and start getting these amazing product mission boxes delivered right to your door with some of the best brands products in it, you will see why keeping your account in good standing is so important.

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Avoid doing any of these 4 things or you WILL lose your account permanently.

#1 NEVER sell a product you got free in exchange for review from Topbox Circle. First of all remember you are in a legal contract with them. (You better have read the rules when you signed up). When you signed up you agreed to the rules, and the rules state you may NEVER see a product you got in exchange for review. Not only is this fraud it is also a breach of your contract with them and yes you will lose your account forever. (I despise fraudsters) I have seen many members in the last 2 months lose their accounts and they are totally heart broken. Don't let this be you.

#2  NEVER post a review online without the legal disclosure. You must disclose by law in Canada whenever you have been given a product at no cost and that this is a product review/ad. ALL reviews you do on Instagram or on a brands website MUST have the proper disclosure. You will lose you account if they see you have left them out. You must say you received the product free and on social platforms like Instagram the hashtags must be used. #freeproduct .

#3 DON'T make two accounts. Cheaters always get caught and it's only a matter of time, so stick to the rules and have only one account. You may benefit once by getting 2 boxes but you lose out in the long run when both your accounts are gone and you get banned.

#4 DON'T write crap reviews. Yes it matters! If they send you an $85 product totally FREE do you really think they should accept a review like the following?

"I liked it, smelled great thanks."

NOT! That's a waste of money for the brand who provided it to you, and you probably won't ever get another product mission box, and eventually if those kind of reviews keep up your account will just be closed.

If you think Topbox Circle is unaware if you are misusing the program you couldn't be more mistaken. There are staff in groups you are members of, staff checking everyday the reviews the activity and more. So just be an honest person or don't use Topbox Circle and ruin it for the rest of us okay!?

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