Angie's Canadian Mailbox FB Giveaway Mystery Prize Winner

Winner of a prize at Angie's Canadian Mailbox

Whoohooo! We have a winner of the mystery prize giveaway I held on my Facebook page Angie's Canadian Mailbox. If you haven't joined us yet, you are missing out!

Last week I posed a question offering a prize to one right answer. The answers were amazing, they not only made me smile it was nice to see that so many people enjoy the My Canadian Mailbox group and have fun on the Angie's Canadian Mailbox Fb page too!

I was super surprised that only 3 people actually got the right answer!!

The question: What is DIFFERENT about this Page VS other pages of the same topic??
(Tip: There is ONE very distinctive difference...Can you spot it??)

The right answer : We are the ONLY Facebook page of this topic that NEVER requires you to like or share anything to WIN.

Now onto the FUN part announcing the WINNER of the mystery prize!!

Kylie Sue Crowder

A huge congratulations to Kylie, I will be reaching out to the winner today to claim her prize!

Remember when you win a prize to come claim your bragging rights in the My Canadian Mailbox private FB group!

Check out all the amazing answers on the giveaway post!

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