Facebook's Newest Feature - For Those Regrettable Messages

NEW Facebook Feature

Hey guys,

Have you heard about the new feature Facebook just rolled out!? It's one that may save you from having to take your foot out of your mouth a time or two.

The new feature Facebook decided we needed was the remove all feature when you send a message. But there is a time limit to remove it before it gets seen.

Here is what is new: From the moment you hit send on a message using Facebook Messenger you have 10 minutes to remove it from the other person seeing at as well as your own inbox.

Tap on the message you have sent and up will pop your options. You can pick remove for everyone or just remove for you.

Try it out with a friend and see how it works for yourself. We have all sent a message or two that we instantly regret and now Facebook is helping us get rid of that message super fast.

You can read all about the new feature in Facebook's help section.

If you are a contest lover like me make sure you know how to find your Facebook filtered messages too. It's not the message request inbox either.

Facebook giveaways are super popular and so much fun to win too! But your own FB profile could be stopping you from winning. - 5 Ways your Facebook profile is stopping you from winning prizes.

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