Is Sampy Legit?

Wow guys it has been a whirlwind week with the Sampy program that Canadian freebie pages posted and encouraged their fans to sign up with. The offer was that simply signing up, would give you the chance to get free samples in the mail.

I personally chose not to share this offer in the My Canadian Mailbox private group about this offer or the Facebook fan page. Within seconds of landing on the Sampy website I knew something was off.

Here are the things I noticed right away.

1. NO terms of Service as required by Canadian law.

2. NO contact # to call someone to check legitimacy.
3. No REAL Information about the company such as address or phone #.

#4 The Email LEAK

#5 The LAME and not acceptable apology.

Is Sampy a Scam or Legit?

I can't say either way just yet. I am looking into it much deeper since my email was exposed and sent to many members, which would almost seem like they were meant to be sent in a batch to whoever Sampy decided to offer them to.

I do know that IF Sampy is legit (gut instinct says no way) then they have made fatal errors in their launch of a free sample program and will never gain trust back after this privacy breach.

My strongest advice is to know the freebie pages you are following so blindly. NOT all posts for something free you see online are legit. In fact MOST aren't.

Did you sign up? What are your thoughts?