Scam Alert- Amazon Product Review Ads on Facebook

Happy Friday morning guys,

As I was having my first morning coffee I came across yet another scam sponsored post on Facebook. Sponsored post means they paid Facebook to run it, and somehow it go past Facebook's security and the ad is farming TONS of emails, and even your PayPal emails and Amazon account links!

This is what the ad looks like so you be report it when you see it, or avoid it and NOT give these scammers your information.

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Watch of for this Scam

This is NOT a legit offer, you will NOT get anything from Amazon to review only thing you get by filling out this form is scammed and most likely your Amazon account hacked not too long down the road.

How do you know this offer is not legit?

#1 There is zero contact information or disclosures ensuring your privacy. There is zero disclaimers and no explanation on the legal details of the program. They don't tell you what the information you are giving them will be used for and who will have access to it.

#2 The wording in their Facebook ad. You can see they left spaces between the letters in the word F R E E. This was to dupe Facebook's system into not recognizing the word FREE. Did you know Facebook hates the word FREE? Yup they do and that is fact!

#3. The odd demand that your Amazon account must have spent at least $50. Sheesh.

#4 They ask for a screenshot of your latest purchases!!?? Alarm bells going off or what!?

Just because you see an ad offering you something free doesn't mean it's legit. This is where common sense and diligence come into play. Be smart and keep your information and accounts safe and avoid this old long time scheme/scam.

If you like getting FREE products mailed to you to review then stick with the safe and legitimate programs open to Canadian residents. 12 Places you can get free products to review online.

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