5 Scams to be Aware Of

5 Scams to Avoid

When signing up for free samples, contests and giveaway scams are everywhere! You can check out the latest scams I have shared with you, some even made it to well established freebies pages. Just being aware can save you a ton of issues down the road.

Subscription Tricks

Beware of free trial subscription offers such as weight loss products, and some magazines. The second you enter your credit card you could be duped into a long running subscription. Make sure to check your credit card balance often if you have fallen for one of these subscription tricks.

Tax Scams

This is one almost everyone is aware of, but if you aren't then pay attention. Revenue Canada will not call you. Revenue Canada won't throw you in jail for back taxes. If you get a phone call claiming it's the government and you owe back taxes, hang up. If you have worries about your tax account call 1-800-959-8281 to speak directly to Revenue Canada.

Identity Theft Scams

This is one that can happen to anyone. Identity theft can happen in so many ways, online, offline, by someone getting mail from your garbage.

Ways to protect yourself

  • Don't share private information on the phone.
  • Don't use public WIFI
  • Make sure your passwords are super hard to crack
  • Only use websites that are secure. This "https" must be in the address bar.
  • Don't give out too much personal info on social platforms like Facebook

Cat-fishing Scams

You never know who is sitting on the other end trying to scam you. Beware of scammers on most dating sites. Never send someone you met online money, and if they say they love you after only meeting online run the other way.

Use on reputable websites and always keep personal information private, even your pets names.

Free Sample Scams

Almost all freebie pages post fake and spammy free sample offers. Learning how to spot a real deal and a fake freebie is all you have to do to keep yourself safe. Watch for these things when trusting free stuff websites.

Examples of fake freebies are the Burt's Bees sample or the latest one Sampy.

Stay up to date with the latest scams by checking the Competition Bureau regularly.
Watch out and avoid the enticing Amazon scam that is on Facebook.

Looking for a legitimate freebie? - 50 FREE Things available in Canada.

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