Facebook App Not Always Contest Friendly- How to Get Around It

Facebook is the number one spot to find the latest giveaways and contests from brands you love. And like almost everyone else you have downloaded the Facebook app and that is where you enter Facebook on your cell.

You are scrolling thru and you see an amazing contest, you click on it, and an empty page is what you get. Frustrating right!? Many offers that get posted on Facebook for contests or free samples seem to not work for you and you are about to give up, but you don't have too.

Entering contests and signing up for free stuff offers is always best from a computer or laptop. But if your cell phone is all you have at your disposal then you need to access Facebook a different way so that you won't miss out.

Stop using the Facebook app to enter Facebook. Go to your mobile browser on your cell phone and sign into Facebook there.

Most Facebook based contests just can't seem to open or accept entries. Ongoing giveaways like the Factory Direct Craft giveaway won't open in the Facebook app but opens right up and works when using the browser.

You do not need to uninstall your Facebook app to login using the browser.