Liking and Sharing- What does it do for you?

Avoid Click Bait Posts on Free Stuff Pages.

Hey freebie hunters it's time to get to the facts about liking and sharing on Facebook to win or get something free. As people who love our contests and free sample offers and product testing offers we come across posts that say " Like if you want one" or " Like and share if you wan't one". Both misleading both untrue statements.

Freebie pages word the pictures in the post this way to mislead people into thinking that if they like or share a post they are automatically entered for a chance at that particular product or prize. You are NOT.

Why do freebie pages word it this way even though it's untrue?

Simple answer is Facebook page likes. Not to give you a heads up about an awesome freebie or contest but plain and simple likes. These are what are referred to as click bait images and titles.

There are very few Canadian freebie websites that post all legitimate offers any more and learning how to get stuff free on your own is the best way to go at this hobby. The biggest warning sign of a freebie page is this - Is it a company or Trademark? If so then it's a business not a true freebie blogger sharing tips and always legit offers.

When you see posts like the ones pictured above, walk away. You don't deserve to be duped into thinking you will get something free for a like. You deserve to get actually free samples and products without being misled. You can also do everyone a favor and report those posts as spam.

How to report a post :

At the top right of every post is 3 small dots. Click on them and scroll down and click "Give feedback on this post". Choose Spam and then done. This alerts Facebook and they will stop showing you click bait posts and show you more of the legitimate posts you want to see.
how to report posts

Freebie pages in the United States are massive because of coarse the offers are much bigger than and in the last 3 years Canadian freebie pages have felt a pressure to be as big and have as many likes feeling that this boosts their reputation.  With Facebook's new algorithm that has backfired on most freebie pages and that's a good thing for us, the free stuff hobbyists , product testers and contest lovers.
What Does Liking a Post do for You?

Liking a post that you truly like does have a benefit to you, but not as the freebie page posts would suggest. You won't get a free sample because you liked a post. 

Facebook's algorithm is to best serve you and your likes. That means when you like a free sample post or giveaway post Facebook says:

 " Okay we know they like that kind of content and information, so we will fill their news feed with other posts just like it." 
If you like the post you are seeing and it's a topic you are interested in then yes by all means like it even share it, but do it with the understanding that, that is the only benefit you get from doing so. Don't expect a free toque to arrive in the mail becasue you liked and shared a post.

What Does Sharing a Post do for You?

Again just like with "liking" a post "sharing" a post only gives you the benefit of Facebook knowing that is a topic you enjoy. It also allows your friends a chance at getting the same offer if you have family or friends on Facebook interested.

What Does Sharing a Post Do for the Freebie Page?

If gives them some more eyeballs on their post and it hopefully draws in new people and new likes.

Can I share and Set it to Private?

YES! Trust me when I tell you all your friends are not as excited about free stuff and contests as you are. And in time they will get super sick of seeing non stop posts that say "Like and share" and "Like if you want one" crap.

As a Facebook page owner, I promise you we can see if you shared it in our page insights. There is never a need for a freebie page to be able to see that you publicly shared their post.

TIP: You can  make a Friends Lists on Facebook. and sort ONLY your contest and freebie loving friends into lists so your posts that you share don't annoy those who are sick of seeing them in their news feed.

Freebie hunting is so fun and can be so rewarding if you are signing up for actual legit and safe free stuff offers.

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