No You Won't Be Getting a FREE Sample from UGG

Every morning I wake up to 100+ links sent to me over night to free sample offers and well let's be honest here totally fake and scam offers. Here is yet another to be aware of that is totally fake and a total scam.

Free UGG samples is never going to happen. Common sense prevails when you see these scam offers from  You may have seen the ad in your news feed on Facebook, but just because you see it doesn't make it legit. The below ad is a scam from who want to farm your email plain and simple. You know those annoying calls and hundreds of scam emails, yep they come from offers like this.

Scam free sample offers are everywhere, I get them all day long from people thinking they are helping the group by finding these offers. These offers will never make it into the group, I strive to keep offers totally legit and totally safe.

Stop giving out your information to these scammers and potential hackers. Use common sense when signing up for freebies.

How to spot a fake freebie or scam
You can report these Fake offers and scams to the Anti Fraud center
Burt's Bees Scam freebie offer