PO Box VS Box for Contest Prizes & Free Stuff

Difference between a PO Box for Contests and Free stuff

With the latest Sample Source free sample packs offer came a lot of confusion about PO Boxes & Box numbers. Many people have been denied their sample box due to address issues and it has left many people feeling frustrated.

Sample Source is one of the most amazing totally free sample pack offers, but they have very clear terms about where they will deliver and where they won't. And with good reason! And they are not the only ones. Many contests, product testing offers and freebies have terms that won't accept a PO Box as an address.

When signing up for many contests or free sample offers terms state we will not ship to a PO box.  Not reading the terms before signing up for anything can leave you feeling disappointed.

Why do offers refuse to ship to PO Boxes?

A couple reasons:

  • PO Boxes can't accept any packages that need to be signed for.
  • The lack of a residential address reduces the credibility of who the actual receiver is.
  • Scammers and cheats can order more than one of an offer by using their residential address and then their PO Box to cheat the offer.

What is the difference between a PO Box and a Box?

With a PO Box there is no physical address the address is written as follows:

Angie W.
PO Box 12345
Somewhere, Ontario
L0K 2B0

This type of address would not be eligible for Sample Source sample packs or many other offers that exclude PO Boxes.

A postal box with address (Not PO Box) address is written as follows:

Angie W.
7950 Ridge Rd
Box 156
Somewhere, Ontario
L0K 2B0

This address would be accepted by certain offers becasue an address like this has a physical address which does not receive mail at the door. All mail goes to an assigned box at the post office that is linked to the physical address.

Before signing up for contests and free stuff offers make sure to read the terms and make sure your address isn't going to disqualify yourself. I stinks to be disappointed after you have signed up and been told you are getting something free, or won a prize and then can't have it delivered to you.

I hope this clears up any confusion, happy free stuff hunting!