Stop Stressing Over Fake News Scams

Hey Freebie hunters,

I had to sit with my coffee this morning and share a little rant with you. So first thing I see this morning in my FB news feed is a warning that a contest page had shared from warning about Facebook quizzes and how they are unsafe...

The title of the article is "Police are Warning Everyone to Stop Taking Facebook Quizzes" . So clearly I got click baited in and read the article. Wow! After laughing a bit at the fact that I just went to a website that instantly gave me pop-ups too, kinda made me think this...

If you truly spend any time worrying about Facebook quizzes leading to you being hacked you shouldn't be on the internet. 

Look the internet, Facebook Quizzes, surveys and just simply clicking on a link are as risking as driving on the 401 in Toronto. But its what the world runs on now, so just use your common sense and stop over-worrying about everything online.

The article is based in the United States and claims that answering Facebook quizzes is opening people up to being hacked. I am not even going to share the link to the article, since the second I clicked it I got pop-ups and saw instantly this was a website with many click bait titles and articles. The article insinuates that if you respond to certain quiz posts that you are in fact giving out information you use for your passwords and security questions. This is not factual at all.

If you have to stress out every time you get online and worry yourself sick that you are going to be hacked or someone is going to know your email address, why bother!? But we do bother and we do get online and we do take risks like every other human being using Facebook or any other site.

When we make our Facebook account we have already shared a ton of information, our birthday our email address our location, cell numbers, and for page owners like myself our credit card numbers as well.

Look the reality is every person online has a chance of being hacked, but if you use common sense and make your passwords tricky then you should be and are able to take fun quizzes on Facebook that may make you laugh or give you a silly name and take you away from life stresses for even a moment.

Life is short, worrying about your every action online is wasting your energy and just plain not healthy. Stop thinking that everyone online is out to get you. Unless you have a cool $500,000 K sitting in a bank account that you also use for online crap you really have nothing to worry about.

When is comes to Facebook Quizzes just use your own judgement and share only information you want. Make your passwords NOTHING to do with security questions commonly asked, and have a separate email account for contests and freebies.

There are tons of free Anti Virus software programs online that work amazing and will keep your computer virus free. Snopes Facebook Scam section is a great place to check out to see what scams and warnings have been defunct..

You are more likely to have issues arise from scams like the fake Amazon review program circulating on Facebook, or the Sampy program that freebie pages pushed and they leaked everyone's emails.

We get on Facebook. Instagram, Twitter or whatever website we visit to enjoy our time there. Don't let the over dramatic warnings about simple Facebook quizzes worry you.

In my private My Canadian Mailbox FB group easily I have to deny over 100+ contests and offers a DAY that are not legit or are scams. We know scammers are out there, but don't give them the power over you by stressing you out every second you are online.

Here are 5 scams the Canadian government warns us to be aware of.

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