When to Email and When to Not

In the free stuff and contest world there seems to always be something you are waiting for or a question you have that you need answered. But what is the right way to handle that without getting a stain on your name. By stain I mean company's DO remember the complainers and if you are looking to have future opportunities with them it could hurt your chances.

Every day I hear people saying well I emailed to ask, or I messaged them because it won't work. Imagine being on the other end receiving all these waste of time messages? If you are messaging them,100 other people are too.

Right out of the gate, never and I mean never email and ask a question you could have easily Googled and figured out yourself. Google has a bounty of answers, and if you are having an issue with a contest or free sample offer, rest assured someone else has too and the answers to your questions are easily found by doing a Google search.

When Not to Email

  • To complain about anything you have gotten free. Don't be a freebie brat.
  • If you have signed up to test a FREE product and it hasn't showed up right away. 
  • If you have won a prize and it hasn't arrived and 6 weeks haven't passed. Track a missing prize
  • If you haven't read all the instructions in full. Maybe you shouldn't sign up for freebies
  • To ask why you haven't been picked for an offer.

When It's Appropriate to Email

1. If you haven't received a free product and your review is due. All your email should say is :

"I have not received my product 'insert product name' I am very sorry I won't be able to make the review deadline. If it arrives I will gladly submit a review."

THAT is ALL you need to say. Don't complain over something that was free to begin with. Don't blame the product testing program, they did their part already. Once a product has shipped it's NO longer their issue. Take your issues up with Canada Post and the courier used.

2. If you have searched high and low and can't get a solid answer to your question.

3. If you are reporting an issue on their website that makes it impossible for you to take part.

3. If you have won a prize and got no confirmation email after 72 hours.

4. You have won a prize and 3-4 months have gone by with no prize.

Put yourself in the persons shoes that is getting all these messages. Do you think they will pick you again if it's constant questions and complaints? The likelihood is not good.

Always think twice and make sure you did your part before ever emailing.