How to Start a Blog for Your Beauty Product Reviews for FREE

Start a blog free for beauty product reviews

If you are already doing product reviews at home and love getting totally free beauty products to try you could step up your game and get even more rewards for your time. Start a blog and do it totally FREE.

If you think it's too hard or you can't I am here to show you that you might be wrong, and having a blog to review all the free beauty products you get in the mail is a great way of making yourself a passive income plus get you into more product testing opportunities.

To start a blog for your product reviews and to showcase the free products you get to try, you need very little knowledge about running a blog, because Blogger (owned by Google) gives you the easiest step by step help. All you need it the desire and commitment to ramping up your product testing opportunities. You can be making side money from a totally free blog within a couple of months!

Can you start a blog free?

The answer is yes. There are many bloggers articles that will tell you that you should pay for your blog if you want to make money from it, and I totally disagree. I disagree because I myself  have made a passive income from a totally free Blogger blog.

You need to decide what your blog is for. Is it for fun or is it to make you some side cash while reviewing beauty products? When you start a blog it is generally for fun, but once you are making $100's of even $1000's in a month from your blog you will want to move your blog to a self hosted option.

You can make passive income with a totally free blog using Blogger. Like with any new adventure you don't want to put money out until you are sure that blogging is something you'll enjoy doing.

Your new blog could grow super fast and be earning in as little as a couple months, that is when you can decide to move up to the next level of blogging and turn to a paid service or even stick with your totally free blog and still be making money.

Top Questions About Starting a Blog

What do I blog about? There are so many topics you could pick that can be very profitable if you have a passion for that topic. If you are someone who loves trying beauty products at home and already are with the many product testing programs open to Canada, your topics could be totally about the newest products and reviews on the products you are getting totally free. Having a blog can increase your chances of getting to try even more products totally free in exchange for your blog post reviews. Places like Influenster and BzzAgent seem to pick bloggers more often than not for free product testing offers, your blog could boost your chances and be earning you some side income.

How do I pick a name for my blog? This is the most important decision you need to make about your new blog. You have to decide if you only want to blog about one topic or if you want to talk about various topics. If you pick a name that is very narrowed down for example " Angie's Product Review Blog" your topic is going to have to be only that. Take time to brainstorm ideas, call your girlfriends up and ask what they think of some of the names you come up with, and then Google search the names you pick to make sure they are not already in use.

How do I make money from a blog? The ways to make extra money each month with a blog are endless. There is everything from affiliate links, Google ads in your sidebars and in your blog posts, sponsored posts and more. Free blogging resources are everywhere to help you make money from your blog. When writing a product review you can add links into the post guiding people to where they can buy that product and you can earn a commission while you sleep. I still earn from links I put into blog posts years ago, and that is how you want it. The more posts and content on your blog there better for you and your new blogs growth.

How much money can I make with a blog? For that question the answer is all dependent on how much effort you put into your blog. You can be making side cash from your blog in as little as 2 months if you put up enough content and start applying for different ad programs and blogger resources which are also totally free. A blog can easily make $150- $7000 a month if done right. Linking your new blog to your social accounts is a great way to start getting blog traffic right away. I don't want to mislead you, it is going to take A LOT of work on your part to get started, but well worth the rewards and side income in the end. There are some amazing mommy bloggers that started on totally free blog platforms now making $15,000 a month from their blogs. It is possible and not nearly as hard as you think to get started.

How to Set-up Your Blogger Blog

Once you pick your name head to Blogger and start setting up your totally free blog.

Start a blog with Blogger

Once your name and url are all set up you are going to have to pick a theme you like. You will be able to customize it with your own favorite colors and text font and many other ways too. I really suggest you pick one of the 4 newest additions to Bloggers templates. These are the best choices for a responsive blog that will get indexed easily by the Google search engine.

Once you have picked your theme you are going to get a pop up that asks if you want to connect your blog to a domain. Your blog address will be "" that is becasue you are building a blog on a free platform. If you want a  blog address "" you would have to purchase a domain name. This is not something you need to even think about until you have got tons of blog posts on your blog and have had it live and online for at least a few months. A domain name can be added down the road super easy.

Just click "No Thanks" to the domain option and now there are a few settings to set and then you can start your very first blog post.

Blogger Google Domains

On your left hand side menu click ->Theme -> Customize to bring up your template designer.

Make it your own - Now it's time to customize your new blog anyway you want. Play around with colors and widths and different text font. You aren't stuck with anything you pick, everything can be changed over and over again until you get it just the way you want it.

5 Things You Must Have on Your Blog 

  • About page - Google and your readers need to know about the topic of your blog and about you.
  • Contact page - People need a way to reach out to you, as well as brands who may want to work with you.
  • Privacy policy - As per Canadian law your blog needs a privacy policy. You can generate one online for free.
  • Disclosure about your affiliate links - You can generate a free disclosure here.


When I started blogging years ago I had no idea how easy it was to make a side income online and I missed out on tons of simple ways to have my blog make money. Your goals should be getting the look down to the way you like it, and then getting a minimum of 25-30 posts done.

Do easy reviews of products you already have and love to get your blog started and off the ground. Aim for 300-500 words so that the Google search engine will pick up your new blog sooner than later. There is a simple word counter to help you out, which is also great for checking your product review lengths for programs like Topbox Circle.

It can take about 2-3 months for your blog to be shown in the search engine results, that's why I recommend linking your social media accounts to your blog to draw in traffic while you build your new blog.

My biggest regret is that when I started blogging years ago that I didn't take the time to invest in myself by reading more about blogging. When I got my act together and read a few great books about blogging and tips from experts my blogging income tripled and fast. There are so many great books about blogging on with tips, planners and guides to making your new blog a success.

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How Can I Make Money from a Blog?

There are so many ways you can earn some extra money each month from your blog. When you are just starting out you could be reaping rewards in as little as a week. When you add up all the small ways to earn, they turn into some great side money.

  • Affiliate links - Just set it and forget it links that can earn for years
  • Sponsored posts - Brands and company's reach out to you and pay you cold hard cash to talk about their product.
  • Affiliate programs - Middle man programs that link you will the best affiliate programs totally free.
  • Google Adsense ads on your blog- set it and forget it ads.
  • Referral earnings - Programs you trust use and love- share them and earn with referrals.